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Nigerian Air Force Salary according to their Ranks

Do you have interest to join the Nigerian Air Force (NAF)? Do you want to know the NAF salary – how much they are being paid? If ‘yes’, you are on the right page. We shall look at the Nigerian Air Force salary according to their ranks.

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Nigerian Air Force Salary according to their RanksThe Nigerian Air Force has two categories under which its officers ranks fall within. These categories are known as:

  • Commissioned officers (Certificate holders),
  • Non-commissioned (undergraduates).

This is a force that came into existence a year after independence (1961), but got its first set of officers numbered ten (10) in the following year (1962). These ten officers were sent out to gain proper training, of which they returned and did well.

So far, NAF have achieved great records in peace keeping, protecting the territories of the country by air, creating synergy with the Army, etc. Also check out: Nigerian Police Salary Structure and Ranks.

Nigerian Air Force Salary according to their Ranks

The salary structure of all Nigerian military (Army, Navy, and Airforce) is that of the new structure given by the Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure (CONAFSS). And from findings, the monthly salary of NAF officer based on rank is given below;


1. Trainee/Recruit Officer

These are undergraduate that are still going through the military training under the Nigerian Airforce. Although they are yet to be a full officer, but still receive payments while on this rank. Their pay is alleged to be ten thousand three hundred and twenty-seven naira (₦10,327).

2. Aircraftman or Aircraftwoman

This is the rank that trainees falls under, once they past the training stage. It is the least rank in the Nigerian Airforce, and their pay is fifty three thousand, eight hundred and ninety-two naira (₦53,892).

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3. Lance Corporal

Base on hierarchy from down to up (ascending order), the Lance corporal comes next. And receives a pay of fifty five thousand eight hundred and thirty-two naira (N55,832).

4. Corporal

Officers that falls under the rank of a Corporal receives Fifty eight thousand, six hundred and thirty-four naira (₦58,634) monthly.

5. Sergeant

The rank of a Sergeant is a top one under this very category, and they receive about sixty nine thousand two hundred and sixty-one naira (₦69,261) on monthly basis.

6. Flight Sergeant

The Flight sergeant comes next, and receives a higher pay than the ordinary sergeant. They receives eighty seven thousand, one hundred and nineteen thousand naira (N87,119).

7. Warrant Officer

Those under this rank receives a monthly salary of one hundred and one thousand, nine hundred and seventy-four naira (₦101,974).

8. Master warrant officer

This rank is bestowed on officers who were promoted from any of the least rank on noncommissioned category. No officer on this category can go higher than this, hence, it is the highest attainable rank in the category of non commissioned.

Officers here receives the sum of one hundred and sixty five thousand, six hundred and ninety-seven naira (₦165,697). Also check out: Salary and Allowance of Nigerian State Governors.


This category also have its own pattern of hierarchy, with different pay;

1. Cadet

Just like the trainees, the cadet is the lowest rank in this category, and receives forty four thousand five hundred and sixty-four naira (₦44,564) as their monthly salary.

2. Flying Officer

Those under this rank receives the sum of two hundred and eighteen thousand, four hundred naira (₦218,400) as their monthly pay.

3. Flight Lieutenant

Those that falls under this rank receives two hundred and thirty two thousand, four hundred and eighty-four naira (₦232,484) on monthly basis. They are still younger officer in this category, but of higher rank compared to those mentioned above.

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4. Squadron Leader

When talking about the higher ranks in the Nigerian Navy, this very rank is the starting point as they go home monthly, with an attractive sum of two hundred and forty eight thousand, four naira (₦248,004). The rest ranks are higher than the squadron leader, and also have higher pay.

5. Wing Commander

Officers having this rank receives three hundred and forty two thousand, five hundred and eighty-six naira (₦342,586), as their monthly pay.

6. Group Captain

They receives three hundred and fifty two thousand, six hundred and thirty one naira (₦352,631) as their salary.

7. Air commodore

Base on hierarchy, those having this rank are the 4th highest ranked officers in the Nigerian Air Force. They receives six hundred and seventy seven thousand, nine hundred and ninety-five naira (₦677,995) as their pay.

8. Air Vice-Marshal

As the 3rd top rank holders, they receives one million three hundred and seventy six thousand, three hundred and forty-three naira (₦1,376,343) as their pay.

9. Air Marshal

Officers having this rank go home with one million four hundred and eighty six thousand, four hundred and fifty-one naira (₦1,486,451).

10. Air Chief Marshal

This is the top most rank in this force, but history have it that no officer has ever gotten to this level of hierarchy in Nigeria.

The stipulated pay for officers holding this rank is one million seven hundred and twenty four thousand, two hundred and eighty-three naira (₦1,724,283).

Aside the salary scheme (structure) we just glanced at, the officers also have some allowances attached to their pay. When this is added, it will give a more attractive sum at the end.

For those looking for the salary structure of the Nigerian Airforce, we believe you are satisfied with this very post. As it has accurately presented the latest update about the salary structure.

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