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EFCC Salary Structure and Ranks of Officers

Do you want to join the Nigeria anti graft agency (EFCC)? Check out the EFCC salary structure and ranks highlighted below.

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is an agency of the Nigerian Government concerned with the arrest and prosecution of persons involved in any form of financial misdeed.

It was established in the year 2003 as a tool for tackling money laundering and corruption which included advanced fee fraud popularly known as ‘419’.

How To Apply For EFCC Recruitment

EFCC by nature is a very sensitive security apparatus of Government and as such, the salaries of staff are not easily found in the public domain, but in this post, we will show you the full salary structures of EFCC staff, so do well to read down till the end. Check out how to Apply for EFCC Recruitment.

There are three major ranks in the EFCC namely; Detective Superintendent, Detective Inspectorate, and Detective Assistant Cadet cadres.

Apart from these three ranks, there are the administrative division, cadets division, capacity development division, certificate courses division, research, and publications division, and the network/collaboration division under which staff of the Commission is ranked.

As a Government-owned security agency, the EFCC pays its staff well, on a general note, this pay however differs from the ranks and designations of individual officers. Let us now proceed to see how much EFCC pays its staff currently.

EFCC Salary Structure and Ranks of Officers

1. EFCC Entry-level Staff salary structure

New entrants into the Commission are placed on a salary scale of NGN 158,000 for two years. Depending on the conditions attached to the job, there might be an upward review of that amount at the expiration of the two years.

2. EFCC Mid-level salary (Graduate Assistants)

On completion of the first two years in the Commission, an employee is entitled to a mid-level salary raise as a Graduate Assistant.

This may take between 3 to 9 years to take effect. The salary amount is definitely higher than that of the entry-level staff, but at the moment, we cannot give the exact figure as we are still in the process of researching for this.

3. EFCC Senior-level salary (Graduate Assistants)

To qualify for this salary level, one must have had at least ten years of experience working with the EFCC. We will update this post with the amount officers in this level receive once we can get information from the right source.

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4. EFCC Agent Detective Superintendent salary structure

Officers in this category are those who have served in the EFCC for more than ten years. They earn about NGN 245,000 as salary every month.

5. EFCC Deputy Detective Salaries (entry-level)

Employees having less than two years of experience belong to this category. The normal net compensation for Deputy Detective at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria is truly not known until further notice. We will keep on figuring out more data concerning this.

6. EFCC Deputy Detective Salaries (mid-level)

Officers having three to nine years of experience are eligible to be placed on the mid-level salary structure as Deputy Detectives. The net salary for officers in this cadre is NGN 245,000.

7. EFCC Deputy Detective Salaries (senior-level)

To be placed on the Deputy Detective’s senior-level salary structure, officers must have possessed more than 10 years of working experience with the EFCC.

This is a very senior position in the EFCC and the pay is huge, but for now, we cannot exactly confirm the actual amount paid, but we will update accordingly as we gather authentic information concerning this.  

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