EFCC Salary Structure and Ranks of Officers 2024/2025

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is a government agency tasked with combating financial crimes in Nigeria. Its salary structure is an established framework which outlines the remuneration system for employees working within the EFCC. Before we continue, it may interest you to check the requirements for EFCC recruitment.

The structure encompasses various salary levels based on ranks, positions, and years of service. It details the compensation packages for entry-level staff, mid-level staff, and senior-level staff, including specific figures associated with each category. The EFCC Salary Structure is subject to periodic reviews and adjustments in line with government policies and considerations.

Given the sensitive nature of EFCC as a government security apparatus, salary information for its staff is not readily available in the public domain. However, in this post, we will provide a comprehensive overview of EFCC staff salary structures. Before we continue, you may read on to discover more about EFCC recruitment and how to apply.

EFCC operates with three primary ranks: Detective Superintendent, Detective Inspectorate, and Detective Assistant Cadet cadres. Additionally, there are administrative, cadets, capacity development, certificate courses, research, publications, and network/collaboration divisions under which staff are categorized.

As a government-owned security agency, EFCC offers competitive salaries, but the pay varies based on individual officers’ ranks and designations. Let’s delve into the current salary structure for EFCC staff.

EFCC Salary Structure and Ranks

  • SSCE holders join as Assistant Detective Superintendents (ADS) with a monthly pay of N140,000.
  • Graduates assume Chief Detective Superintendent (CDS) roles, earning approximately N170,000 monthly.
  • National Diploma or NCE certificate holders hold the position of Detective Superintendents (DS) with a monthly salary of about N150,000.

The table below shows the EFCC salary, rank and position
Rank Salary Position
Graduate Assistant N158,000 Entry-level officer
Detective Assistant N170,700 Entry-level officer
Detective Inspector N201,000 Mid-level officer
Deputy Superintendent N245,000 Mid-level officer
Superintendent N303,200 Senior-level officer
Chief Superintendent N324,300 Senior-level officer
Assistant Commander N364,400 Senior-level officer
Deputy Commander N434,500 Senior-level officer
Chief Commander N476,600 Senior-level officer
Assistant Commandant General N566,700 Senior-level officer
Commandant General N628,800 Top-level officer


The EFCC salary structure is like a ladder where your rank determines your salary. Entry-level positions for graduates and detectives come with reasonable pay, while climbing up to senior and top-level officer positions brings increased salaries. It’s a rewarding system that values both experience and expertise. As you consider a career at EFCC, keep in mind the opportunities for growth and the corresponding salary benefits that come with each rank.

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