48 Corps Members Receive Business Grant

Forty-eight (48) members of the Nigerian Youth Service Team (Corp members) received grants of sixteen million, five hundred thousand naira (N16,500,000) from a firm.

An overall of Forty-eight (48) serving Youth Corps Members have been empowered with different amounts of cash to fund their companies after their business propositions scaled through the various phases of expertize, vetting up until the last stage.

Business includes agriculture; crafts and fashion design; education, shoe shops, etc.
NYSC DG, Brigadier General Shuaybu I. praised Unity Bank in a virtual discussion with legion beneficiaries today for providing cash grants to members of the FCT Nigeria Youth Service Positioning Camp in Edo State, Lagos State and Ogun State.

He said that the pilots of the Entrepreneurship Challenge will create opportunities for self-employment and wealth development, and in the same way, the number of unemployed young graduates will continue to decrease.

The Director-General divulged that the Plan is figured out to drive entrepreneurial capability amongst young graduates and produce chances for self-employment and wealth production.

Ibrahim who included that paying jobs are hardly readily available pleaded with the Nigerian Youth Corps Members to be steadfast, attentive, and prevent cutting corners.

He said: “Be careful about spending, avoid being idle, and focus on what Unity Bank really delivers.” The CEO also recommends that those who accept the corpus evaluate their achievements and build on them.

The DG likewise offered some advice to the Corps recipients to do a peer evaluation of their successes and make use of a new strategy for higher output.

In her comment, Mrs Tomi Shomefun the Managing Director, and President of Unity Bank of Nigeria assured a robust collaboration with the NYSC Plan which would empower more youths for self-development.

She applauded the DG for his strong enthusiasm for the skills training, and added that Unity Bank is broadening the “Corpreneurship Difficulty Effort” to 6 more extra areas specifically; Akwa-Ibom, Enugu, Kano, Bayelsa, Sokoto, and the Osun States.

Mrs Shomefun, Who commended Unity Bank for the incredible impact they are making in youth development, particularly praised the female recipients, and encouraged them not to dissatisfy the NYSC Plan, and Unity bank however imbibe the spirit of effort and genuinty.

“Never withhold the days of small star, however have hope for higher grounds. Make use of the start-up grant that has been provided to you to establish yourselves and improve the society”, she stated.

Mr. Hilary Nasamu, the Director of Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Advancement Program, recommended the Corps recipients abide strictly by the design template of their organization propositions. He stated the system would continue to supervise their development on a quarterly basis.

He advised them to aim to have 2 workers within the very first eighteen months and 4 staff members within the very first 2 years.

“This grant is meaningless. He added, please continue to seize this opportunity and remember to always seek professional advice.

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