5 Best Grammarly Alternatives For Error-Free Writing

Unquestionably, one of the best tools available to discover and correct errors in your writing is Grammarly. It offers assistance with grammar, punctuation, and spelling all in one location, saving you time and enhancing the overall quality of your work. But what would happen if Grammarly were to cease operations? And if it quits functioning? Or if it functions properly with particular programs? Here are five Grammarly substitutes to keep you on top of your writing game at all times.

1. Ginger

One of the top Grammarly substitutes is Ginger. Numerous grammatical problems, including punctuation errors, can be fixed using Ginger. In addition, Ginger provides translation services in over 40 other languages. You could write anything in Spanish and then translate it into English, for example.

The character limit for the free tool is 350 characters. However, you can get a much more potent Google Chrome addon for free if you register for the Ginger grammar checker. By doing this, you can launch the Ginger Writer program and copy and paste your text to check it for typos.

Additionally, Ginger offers Ginger Keyboard, a smartphone software that checks social media postings, emails, and messages for grammatical errors.

There are three ways to switch to Ginger Premium if you want more than the free version. $20.97 per month and $7.49 per year are the billing amounts.

2. LanguageTool

LanguageTool Corrects grammar and punctuation problems in more than 20 languages and is an open-source proofreader and punctuation checker. It supports approximately 25 languages in addition to English, including Spanish, Russian, and French. It comes with a built-in dictionary. This tool doesn’t have the features present in other grammar checkers because its simplicity is its main goal. You are limited to 20,000 characters each check in the free version (about 3,500 words).

LanguageTool Premium offers three options if you need more than the free version does. $19 per month, $13 per quarter ($39), or $4.92 per year ($59) are the billing options. If you’re looking for a basic spell checker with strong grammar checking capabilities, LanguageTool is your best bet.

3. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is one of the better grammar checkers besides Grammarly. It will provide you specific feedback on your work and let you know whether you have made any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or style mistakes. The only limitations of this tool are that the free trial is only good for 500 words, there is no monthly subscription option; you must pay annually, and neither an iPhone app nor an Android app are accessible.

For $70 per year, $100 for two years, $140 for three years, or $240 for a lifetime subscription, ProWritingAid Premium is offered.

4. Sapling.ai

The AI-powered writing assistance Sapling.ai is more than just a grammar checker; it may greatly improve your writing style. The best part is that it is a free service with other features like grammar and spelling checks and autocomplete suggestions.

As you type, Sapling uses deep learning technology to provide intelligent suggestions. This technology can also assess the tone of the piece and offer revisions as necessary. If you need more than what the free edition of Sapling.ai offers, premium memberships start at $25 per month.

5. Outwrite

Outwrite is a straightforward grammar checker with a commercial edition that includes a powerful algorithm for identifying problems and a free version that concentrates on basic proofreading. Like Grammarly, the free edition has a paraphrase tool, synonyms, and basic grammar and punctuation checks. Outwrite’s web editor, where you can paste your text and make changes straight away, is one of its best features. Outwrite Premium monthly plans begin at $9.95.

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