5 Million Jobs To be Created by Green lmperative Agric Mechanisation Program – FG

The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has requested for the approval of Nine hundred and ninety-nine million euro (€995 million) as loans from the Export-Import Bank of Brazil (BNDES), and the Deutsche Bank of Germany which is being guaranteed by IDB or the Green lmperative Agric Mechanisation program, has been approved by the Nigeria Senate.

The Loan of Nine hundred and ninety-nine million euro (€995 million) will fund six hundred and thirty-two (632) privately operated primary production Service Centers in the country, and one hundred and forty-two (142) Agro processing service Centres across the seven hundred and seventy-four (774) local government areas (LGAs), and as well re-activate six (6) partially-operational/privately owned, or moribund tractor assembly plants across the country.

Crop and livestock commodities that are valued when it comes to trade,and food security will be covered by the Service Centres.

Green Imperative will carry on with trainings, where one hundred thousand (100,000) new extension workers will be successfully trained, create/build up to five (5) million opportunities, and positively impact over thirty-five (35) million persons in the country (Nigeria) within five to ten (5 -10) years period.

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