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Are you an applicant of the Npower Scheme? Did you apply for the Batch C recruitment via NASIMS portal, or you are an Exited Volunteer (Batches A and B) that applied for the NEXIT program? If you are, then it is ideal that you explore the activities so far in this month of April. See How to Check Your Npower Deployment Status On NASIMS Portal for Batch C 2021.


In today’s latest news – We’ll be reviewing the activities of the Npower Scheme, and that of the Nexit Scheme that are new, in this very month. Hence, you are to sit back, relax, and if possible chill yourself with anything while reading on!

On April 7th 2021, the Special Assistant (SA) on Media and publicity to the honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, unveil to the public that eight thousand nine hundred (8,900) Npower Batches A and B volunteers were cleared for their five (5) months stipends arrears.

An SMS was sent to them, briefing them that they can proceed for the next level of empowerment. In case you didn’t come across the post, you can read it by clicking here [8,900 Npower exited Volunteers Cleared For Backlog Payment]

Also in this very month of April, the honourable minister of humanitarian affairs, stated that through the Npower scheme, the right skills and competencies will be passed accross to small-scale farmers as it will ensure encouraging productivity, and effectiveness in the sector.

Although, the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) has already complemented this initiative, in terms of progress.

Another update this month is the steering committee that was inaugurated on the 16th of April 2021. The Ministry unveil that a steering committee that will take charge of the NASIMS Project Implementation has been inaugurated.

The NASIMS Portal is solely created for the purpose of updating records of Batch C applicants, and also Writing of their compulsory online test.

Conclusively, Since the Ministry has started putting things in place to round up the registration process of the NEXIT scheme, there is assurance that the next stage of the program will soon begin.

Anyone that is yet to register due to reasons best known to them, should try and contact the program support them through before the end of registration.

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