5 Sure Ways To Keep Your Phone From Overheating

These days, a lot of folks complain about their phones overheating, sometimes leading to the damaging or malfunctioning of their mobile phones. Because this is now becoming more consistent and prevalent than ever, I have, in this post, come up with five sure ways to keep your phone from overheating or heating up too rapidly.

1. Avoid Exposure To Direct Sunlight

Keeping your phone out of direct sunlight is the simplest approach to avoid or stop your phone from overheating. Your phone absorbs light and heat from the sun’s rays and stores it, causing it to overheat or get hotter the longer it is exposed to sunlight and heat.

2. Avoid Turning On Unused Apps On Your Phone

Many programs that operate in the background of your cellphone quickly deplete the battery. As a result, you may wind up overheating or causing your phone to overheat.

Avoid having a large number of apps on your phone. Instead, remove any applications you haven’t used in a long time or switch off any open, unused apps that are running in the background to save your phone from overheating.

Uninstalling or shutting off unnecessary applications will extend the battery life of your phone while also allowing it to cool down.

3. Avoid Turning Up Your Screen Brightness

Turning up your screen brightness, like running programs in the background, causes your phone’s battery to work harder/tirelessly and create more heat.

Instead, acquire an anti-glare cover for your phone; this will allow you to view your screen when in the sun, allowing you to operate your phone without straining your eyes.

4. Turn On Airplane Mode For Your Device

Using airplane mode on your phone or device can help you save battery life and reduce the amount of heat your phone generates.

Airplane mode also gives you access to basic operations on your phone, but make sure you disable any non-essentials that might make your battery work harder or drain it faster.

5. Take The Case Of Your Phone Off

In the event that your phone overheats, your phone case isn’t going to help you avoid it.

Removing or removing the cover will allow the phone’s heat vents to function properly without being obstructed, allowing your phone to cool down rapidly.

It’s also a good idea to take off your smartphone’s silicon or rubber case when charging so that the phone doesn’t overheat.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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