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5 Websites To Learn Data Structure and Algorithm Skill

As a programmer or coder, as the case may be, it is extremely necessary to have extensive knowledge of algorithm and data structure to be able to compete favorably with your programming counterparts for the best jobs in the market. More importantly, beginners often face challenges in finding good resources on the subject of discourse. To assist programmers, both advance and beginners, solve the challenge of the lack of resources, we have researched and come up with five (5) websites to learn Data Structure  and Algorithm skills. These platforms offer the best in terms of equipping programmers with these important skills. Check out 10 best websites to learn coding for free.

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Why you need to improve on your data structure and algorithm skills

  • Gives you a better chance of getting a good-paying job at a Top Tech company
  • Help expands your codebase knowledge beyond a singular monolith style of thinking
  • It makes you a better code writer.
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5 platforms to learn data structure and algorithm Skill

Below are five websites where you can learn data structure and algorithms:


For the varieties of coding competitions that it offers, Coderbyte is the platform to test your algorithm skills against others’ while learning. While you will need to pay for subscription to be able to enjoy its premium features, there are free challenges available for you to begin with and they begin from beginner level to professional level.


This is one of the five best platforms to improve your skills and it is the best alternative to Coderbyte. Same as Coderbyte, it’s not totally free and they provide a premium subscription charge to gain access to added features.


For its competitiveness which are a result of the coding challenge it provides for coders, Topcoder is a great platform to learn and improve your Algorithmic skills. Additionally, they provide a lot of community-level tutorials for beginners seeking to improve their algorithmic skills.


A lot of coders have testified to starting with Hackerrank when they decided to improve on their algorithm and data structure skills. Hackerrank is embedded with lot of coding challenges, tutorials, and competitions that keep you on your feet and wanting more. The more you deepen yourself into the knowledge offered by the platform, the sharper your algorithm and data structure skills becomes.

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This platform boast of great numbers of active programmers who are all learning and competing with each other at the same time. In review to Topcoder, CodeChef is a better alternative to start with. It offers tutorials on learning Algorithms and Data Structures and is also a great place to team up with groups of like-minded programmers.

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