5G does not cause coronavirus, just another conspiracy theory – Cormade Nnadi Goodluck

By Comrade Nnadi Goodluck

5G Network is just an upgrade and enhancement to 4G Network.

5G radio waves are not even powerful or efficacious enough to damage the cells in the body or even transmit a virus.

Just like 4G or 3G before it, the radio waves used in 5G are low frequency and non-ionizing radiation.

Comrade Nnadi is telling you that coronavirus only spreads from one person to another, typically through tiny droplets of saliva produced when a sick person coughs, sneezes, or breathes.

Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed today that viruses cannot travel on radio waves or mobile networks, reiterating that COVID-19 is a respiratory disease.

WHO also said that COVID-19 was spreading in many countries that did not have 5G mobile networks.

The only types of viruses that can transmit through radio waves are ones that affect computers, not even humans.

As at today, 10th April 2020, China still has 5G in their country and 95% (77,455) of their patients have recovered, making them almost a coronavirus free country.

Nigerians, please tell me again, how can 5G cause coronavirus???

Shebi you’re still enjoying 4G network, don’t you want to also enjoy 5G that will be better and faster??

The kinds of things we believe and postulate in this country ehh.

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