6 Easy Ways To Detect Fake Phones

In recent years, the smartphone industry has become flooded with counterfeit phones, and many naïve purchasers have been duped into purchasing counterfeit phones for the price of an authentic. Fake phones, particularly Android phones, have become so common that one could ask if phone merchants are intentionally exploiting their customers.

The so-called ‘UK or London Old Phones’ and moderately used phones are among the phony phones on the market; there are also fake new phones, but they don’t appear to be as numerous as the used phones. Previously, big phone brands such as TECNO, Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, Huawei, and others were the target of numerous imitators, but now even minor brands like Infinix, Gionee, Innjoo, and Itel are being imitated.

The majority of these fake phones are nearly identical in design to the actual phones, and because most phone consumers are not tech knowledgeable, they are easily duped. Many users are unaware that they purchased a counterfeit phone until they meet someone who has the original version of the phone and notice significant variations between their phone and the original. Fake replicas of even small phones known as “Torchlight phones” exist.

6 Easy Ways To Detect Fake Phones

Here are the six easy ways by which you can detect fake phone

  1. The best way to tell if a phone is fake is to test its camera. It takes a lot of effort to create a good phone camera, and it appears that most counterfeit phone producers are unable to imitate authentic cameras.

Take images with the phone’s cameras, including the rear and front cameras, but particularly the back camera, and compare them to photos taken with the original phone’s camera. The simplest approach to compare is to look for photos taken with the phone’s camera online; a quick Google search can save you from purchasing a false phone. Take videos with the camera as well, and compare the video quality to that of the original phone.

  1. Another approach to tell if a phone is fake, though it isn’t foolproof, is to examine the phone grammar carefully. I discovered that most fake phones contain certain misspellings, which can be tough to spot at first but can be found with patience and comprehensive usage.

  2. You should also look up the phone’s specifications and features online and compare them to the phone you want to buy; if even one feature is missing, the phone is most likely a fake. Please keep in mind that a phone may come in several different models, each with slightly different specs, so be sure to know which model you’re buying. For example, the Samsung A3 could come in two different varieties, one with a Snapdragon processor and 3 GB RAM and the other with an Exynos processor and 4 GB RAM, so check with the vendor to make sure.

  3. Use a SIM card with an active internet subscription to test the phone’s internet connectivity as well as its ability to download, update, and operate apps. Because some phony phones have trouble connecting to the internet, particularly on the Airtel network, I recommend testing all apps on the Airtel network and downloading certain apps from the Google Play Store.

  4. You may also use IMEI checking websites to see if a phone is phony by looking up its IMEI number. If the phone is genuine, an IMEI number search should provide the model and year of production. Although I’m not sure if this applies to all phone brands, I am certain that it does to major brands such as TECNO, Samsung, and Sony.

  5. For phones with unique capabilities such as Smart Assistants like Siri and S-Voice, as well as gestures like Air Gesture and Air View. Before you buy the phone, make sure you test all of the particular features that the original phone should have and that they work properly. Check and test all accessories for new phones to ensure that they are complete and working properly.


Never buy a phone in a rush; constantly make comparisons. No one should be a victim of these nefarious fake phone producers and merchants if they follow these guidelines. Best of luck with your upcoming phone purchase.

Source: Nyscinfo

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