7 Shocking Reasons Why Education Is Extremely Important

7 Shocking Reasons Why Education Is Extremely Important

Right from a tender age, the indispensable need of education is being revealed to a child. Almost all parents take it as a point of duty that needs to be fulfilled, and without been pressurize by a third party they knew they owe their children Education. Here we shall look at seven (7) reasons why education is extremely important in the society.

It should be made known that being educated doesn’t necessarily mean that one has gotten access to a better job.

According to Nelson Mandela, the most powerful weapon needed to change the world is Education.

This whole process like earlier said, starts from childhood. At this stage of life, the basic knowledge needed by an individual is been unveil to the child who works on it, and gradual advance on same knowledge as they grow into teenage age and adulthood.

Definition of Education

There are numerous definition of the word, “Education” as different scholars has their own view and a take of the term.

In a more concise term, Education is the process by which skills, judgments, facts, idea, knowledge either formally or informally are been imparted.

In most cases, this knowledge that is being imparted to a less informed person(s) can be gotten either through theoretical means or by practical.

And it shouldn’t be limited to school only, as it can be achieved from several platforms and situations.

7 shocking reasons why education is extremely important

1. Self-protection

When someone successfully escapes from danger/threat, such a person has been protected from such danger. And the person will find him or herself in a safe environment.

In a broader sense, education offer protection to an individual in various ways. You don’t expect anyone who is learned and knows how to read and write to sign a document that says he/she is voluntarily giving out a particular property to someone else with or without payment, when that is not part of the initial discussion.

Secondly, a person that is scared of dog will not proceed into a company yard where they wrote, “Beware of dogs” without someone protecting him/her from getting hurt.

There are other situations, where something been thought in school happens. With the knowledge obtained about such a situation, it will be less stressful to find a solution and be rescued.

You can think of several situations where education can help protect an individual from harm, especially one that has to do with reading.

2. Self Confidence

Anyone that is educated must have a higher level of self-confidence because he/she must have come across several tests, assignments and exams that bring about that self believe.

Having confidence doesn’t actually mean one should be rude or over reacts in situations that need less reaction though.

3. A safer Environment

A society with numerous educated persons are always safer and peaceful. This is as a result of having numerous well-behaved citizens who can easily tell the difference between good and bad.

Globally, nations with higher educational records tends to have a safer atmosphere, reliable medical care, hazardous free environment, etc.

4. Actualization of Dreams

You barely see someone who doesn’t have a dream of becoming great in the future. Some have the dream of becoming a Pilot, Doctor, an Engineer, etc. Such dreams can only be achieve with education. Thus, to actualize any dream that has to do with profession being educated is a compulsory factor to be considered.

5. Financial Stability

Currently, securing a good paying job isn’t easy and the criteria that can enable an individual get one is education. The work force that is needed in all sector today are well-educated and trained personnel, who can deliver the optimum result.

Even if a firm needs the service of an uneducated person, the job of such person will be limited and pay difference will be much when compared to someone with broader knowledge.

6. Required for Equality

Have you found yourself in a gathering where some set of persons are ushered to a V.I.P arena? This is mostly done due to their portfolio.

To eradicate class, ranks, and even topnotch levels, education should be a necessary achievement for all… This will bring unique standard and equality if truly everyone in the entire world is well-educated.

Without doubt, favour and grace speaks for some persons when it comes to occupying a higher class. But, the differences won’t be much if we all acquire broader knowledge and degree if possible.

7. Brings About Creativity

When it comes to building something new, one won’t exclude education as the major secret behind such innovative.

Almost all the inventors known worldwide are educated, and their creativity comes from ideas secured while schooling.

Some are due to their own discovering, which can only come from problems being created by them or another person. Out of the knowledge they have, they tend to find a solution which brings about creativity.

Although, Education has gone far and more updates are been made to already existing innovation. But creativity is still been displayed by those who knows what they want after securing a broader knowledge in their fields.

This article only pinpoint few of various importance of Education, as it is a factor in life that is so vital and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Finally, It is alleged that those who are living happily, have money, have self-confidence, self-dependent, easily achieve dreams, has good records, and live standard lives have a background of good education.

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