How to Remove Water Out of Phone Using Mobile App

Since our mobile phone are thinner with smaller bezel around the screen display. It sometimes falls into water due to carelessness. In this article, we will show you how to how to remove water out of phone using mobile app.

How to Remove Water Out of Phone Using Mobile App

No smartphone has 100% assurance of water resistant or proof but can withstand an average period of about 1 – 2 hours of swimming.

Meaning that your phone can be free from water when it has be quickly rescue. And be place under the sun to dry. See code to check what someone secretly does with your Phone.

Drying phone under the sun is a local way of removing water from phones, however, not all phones can withstand it or work by it.

Any phone that can withstand or survive water splash few minute after which it have brought from the water has the capability of water resistant.

As said earlier, drying phone under the sun is the local way to remove water from a phone.  . But the world today have brought a means through which we can dry both the phone and its screen.

There is an idea of placing the phone inside a rice sack for about 25 – 36 hour so that the rice would absorb the water from the phone yet it is not advisable to follow this procedure because the rice particles are likely to cause damage to the screen.

How to remove water out of phone using mobile app

The modern way to remove water out of phone is by using Sonic app which can be downloaded from Google play store or Apple store.

However, using Sonic app is not a guarantee that it will work, but in a situation where it didn’t work out you can visit a nearby phone repairer to have you phone repair and to get what was wrong with it.

How does the Sonic App work?

The Sonic app eject the water out of your phone quickly, easy and fast. The mobile app generates a high frequency sound wave that make your phone ejected hidden moisture out through the speaker accompanied by strong vibration.

Having the app on your phone when display, it eject water from your phone through the speaker sounds that makes water bouncing out of your phone speaker.

Sonic app will help drying our phone screen better than drying under the sun which was mentioned earlier.

This very app have it high density of drying our phone and keeping it out of danger when used.

Steps to remove water out from phone using sonic app

  1. Download the app on your smartphone from Google play or Apple store.

  2. Log into your Sonic account or create a new account.

  3. Set the app frequency manual or automatic.

The app gets out water faster by increasing the frequency and also the vibration and then tap play to play the sound.

In manual setting, you can simply swipe up and down key to adjust the frequency (H2) from IH2 to 25 KHZ with the Sonic app.

While the b165H2 is the normal frequency that can remove water from the phone. Increasing the frequency of up to 165H2 is the best option to achieve your goals.

While in automatic you can apply this setting if when the Manuel can’t work out. To do this, hold down the water drop icon and the bottom-right corner of the screen. It will generate up higher frequency of about 4500H2 or 1079H2. You can equally remove your finger to stop the sound. Do not bother when frequency shows on the screen.

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