7 Things About Npower Tech Posting

This post is to enlightened beneficiaries of the Npower program on 7 Things about Npower Tech Software and Hardware posting.

The detailed points entail the posting, duration of training course, remuneration, centers for training, and accompanied benefits of the training.

7 Things About Npower Tech Software And Hardware Posting

  1. The Npower Tech Software training is strictly meant to train developers of web applications. During the training session, participants will be exposed to foundational development software tools, as well as resources needed to progress as a modern day web application developer.
  2. The Npower Tech Hardware is a program that is designed to train communication device technicians. The skills to acquire in course of the training includes; assembling, diagnostics, and repairs of communication devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc.
  3. The entire training course will be done in eleven (11) months, with participants having assurance of job placement within their localities.
  4. A platform for continuous support and learning will be created for participants.
  5. After training, participants will be issued a device that will enable them to continue the practice and also explore available opportunities.
  6. In the non-graduate program, participants might need to travel down to another state centre for training.
  7. Beneficiaries under this category are to receive monthly stipends of ten thousand naira (N10,000).

It is paramount to note that the posting under the Npower Tech Software And Hardware is ongoing.

Beneficiaries are advice to keep checking their nasims portal profile should in case they are yet to be posted.

The N-build category is next, as beneficiaries are expected to get prepared ahead of their training.

Kindly share this vital information with friends and relatives who are beneficiaries, through social media networks/platforms.

Source: Nyscinfo

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