Best English to Arabic Dictionaries for Android

Arabic is frequently ranked among the top 10 most widely spoken languages in the planet. It is widely used in the Islamic world as the language of the Muslim religious text. So, if your first language is Arabic and you want to learn English, you’ll need a good dictionary to help you learn Arabic or English.

However, thanks to today’s smartphone, this is no longer the case. Today’s smartphones can assist us in nearly any situation, and there are also some excellent dictionaries available on the Google Play Store that can assist you in translating English to Arabic or Arabic to English. They are completely free and provide better results than a hard copy dictionary because the developers of these dictionaries transmit updates on a regular basis, whereas hard copy dictionaries do not supply these features. The top 5 best English to Arabic dictionaries for Android are listed below.

1. Arabic Dictionary Free

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This dictionary includes over 90,000 Arabic words, as well as their tones, explanations, and English translations. This program is the greatest English-Arabic translator, so you can quickly recognize terms in both languages, as well as their equivalents in the next speech. This Arabic dictionary program was created with a tablet in mind, and it works great with the full screen that they have offered. The software runs on Android 4.0 or higher, making it much easier to run on today’s wide range of Android smartphones.

2. Simple Learn Arabic

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Simply Learn Arabic is a feature-rich sentence book app. It relies on language rather than definitions or translations. Furthermore, it is recommended that it be used in conjunction with a certain translation or dictionary application for optimal results. More than 350 notable words and phrases are included in the limited-edition book.

In truth, the enhanced edition includes a lot more. You’ll also have voice recognition, the ability to slow your speech to help you perfect your accent, and some phrase and word games to help you remember things better. This software is unquestionably a better-than-average dictionary with some instructional features.


Photo Credit: Google is another amazing and quick translation tool. Verbs, clauses, and full sentences are all converted by the software. Writing is also included, as well as audio pronunciations. The design is very quick and simple to use, as is the case with this software.

Fortunately, many of them are doing well. It’s another choice that’s both natural and bright. There are no in-app purchases in the app, therefore it’s still free. There will be advertisements, but that is all.

4. Arabic Dictionary & Translator

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This Arabic dictionary can look up all of the English and Arabic words and translate them. Consumers will appreciate the user-friendly appearance of the app that does everything: definitions and translations.

The app includes over a million definitions, downloadable vocabulary aids, and query updating functionality. Mini-games are also included in the app, allowing users to test their language skills.

5. Google Translate

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Google Translate, as well as the dictionary, is the best translator from Arabic to English and vice versa. The application is given by Google LLC, demonstrating its reliability and stability. All of the sophisticated premium capabilities of Google Translate are also available for free. Other apps, however, will provide you the same functionality in paid editions.

This intelligent app improves its accuracy with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and learns as you use it. You can use a speech-recognition system to eliminate writing, particularly in Arabic language cases, and believe us when we say that its voice recognition system is far superior than any other in this competition, and all credit for its recognition system goes to its AI. You can also take a photo of your text and have it instantly translated into your chosen language using OCR; this feature works well in Arabic and English.

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