7 Things You Must Avoid On Twitter

The social media has taken the world by a great surprise. Sometimes we fail to realize that it is not the same world as the one we live in. There have been information that we shared on social media for friends and family to see, but such information ended up in the hands of the entire world. On Pinterest, they have been Pins meant for adults which, unfortunately, has ended up in the phones and computers of the under age, because these things cannot be controlled.

Twitter is one of the extremely famous social media platforms of the moment. It still remain to be seen if it’s behind Facebook in the ranking or not. Whereas it is a place to meet people and make friends, learn and create business partnerships, it is also a place where evil abounds.

The question is, what should you do to ensure that you do not fall victim to those who use Twitter for the purpose of causing harm to others? This article will answer this question with 7 things you must not do on twitter, to avoid attracting evil to yourself.

1. Don’t criticise your employer

Your employer might honestly be the worst person you have ever met, but because of the unavailability of jobs in the country, criticizing your employer openly on social media must be the last thing you should do on twitter.

2. Avoid Twitter when you are drunk

If you get yourself drunk, it is likely your friends are aware of it. Make sure you keep it tight because you have an image to protect. Don’t give way for your pictures to find their way to social media in your drunken state.

3. Restraint yourself from political issues

Twitter is not the best place to make your displeasure with political events like election rigging. Early, you will have a lot of supporters but when the difficult times comes, you will be left to stand alone.

4. Avoid posting peoples images without their permission

Should you need to share children’s party pictures, first seek the consent of their parents before you proceed post such photos.

5. Sleep in the absence of meaningful content to share

Don’t waste other users’ time with meaningless contents. If you are found to always post trivia contents, other users will find you boring and unintelligent and avoid you.

6. Don’t be immodest

Do not announce your promotion on the social media. People understand that promotion comes with better pay. As such, they may want to do something that to cause you harm, especially those who do not like you.

7. Don’t be rude

We will all need others’ assistance at some point in life. Always be kind and speak kindly of other people. Doing this will win you a lot of favour on the day you will need some.


When you do all of the above, you are sure to have a great time in and out of the social media.

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