86FB Crash: The Football Ponzi Investment Platform

The most searched terms on Google this week are “has 86fb crashed already”, “is 86 fb Football Ponzi Investment still paying”, “86fb crash”, etc. The latest update, however, is that the 86fb is currently having payment issues as at the time of writing this post.

Whether you believe it or not, the goal of every ponzi scheme is to make money. And once their website starts having withdrawal related issues, there will be panic to withdraw from investors.

If the management of the scheme eventually fixed the problem, everyone would place withdrawal requests, and only a very few will deposit back.

Therefore, when the managers of the scheme notice this, they cannot allow themselves to be at a loss, so they quickly pull the trigger, and the website crashes.

Nysçinfo.com understands that 86fb is a ponzi scheme. If it did not crash now, it will eventually crash. But everyone seems to be comfortable investing their money into the system because of temporary benefits.

For every 100 persons that escapes the crash of a ponzi scheme, 1000 are trapped, and for every 1000 that escapes, 10,000 are trapped.

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86fb claims it focused on football and works with William Hill, a global online gambling company based in London.

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Recall that the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), an antigraft agency in Nigeria, has recently announced that it was on lookout to arrest the operators of 86 fb in Nigeria.

A source from the EFCC said;

“We are coming for the operators in a matter of few weeks and most of them operate largely in Lagos, but reside outside the commercial hub of the nation. They believe they are smart, but the Eagle is watching and they will be charged to court in a matter of days.

“These fraudsters have reaped several Nigerians off their hard-earned money while others have lost their lives due to the shock they got when they realised they have been swindled. We have also observed that a lot of the Ponzi schemes thrive, especially during a recession or economic hardship, but we will also choke them as they are only out to entice Nigerians with some fixed returns only to disappear in a few months or years.”

Source: Nyscinfo.çom

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Updated: April 29, 2022 — 11:03 am

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