ABIC Hub Startup Incubation Programme For Nigerian Early-stage Businesses

The ABIC Hub Startup Incubation Programme is a three (3) month programme that will accelerate early stage startups/businesses within Onitsha, Nigeria. Any business that is providing solutions to innovatives that can help economic, social, and environmental challenges specifically along the FOCUS AREAS. That is to say, we’re in need of businesses/startups with innovative, and having achieved some traction and ready to scale out of the box solutions.

Selected startups will receive standard Startup training, mentorship, capacity building, and support to rapidly scale their business models and products, through this intense programme.

A complete programme will be provided in a collaborative environment and rich learning by the ABIC Hub, where business teams which is selected can engage with the ABIC team.

Teams will perfect their pitching skills, and validate their solutions. The three (3) month programme will ends with a physical ‘Demo Day’ which will give each team exposure to a corporate firms, and government partners as well as broad audience of investors.


Why should I join the programme?

  • Events of Industry: An exclusive opportunities to part take in events, and leading commerce conferences.
  • Tailored Mentorship: Mentors that are selected carefully who provide valuable introductions, and hands-on support.
  • Three (3) month program: The intense three (3) month programme is designed to help support entrepreneurs scale their industry-changing technology businesses.
  • Demo Day: A day when achievements during the programme with corporates, press attendees, mentors and investors are celebrated.
  • Master class: Professional led sessions that will cover all scaling fundamentals from business model canvas, lean methodology to fundraising.
  • Global Network: A different access to a global network of corporate partners, investors, mentors, and industry professionals.
  • Corporate partners: Connections to the leading corporates in your industry for partnership opportunities as customers, and pilot projects.
  • Alumni Growth Program: The three (3) month programme is supported by the post-program through annual alumni events, tailored introductions, and deals.

Details of the 2021 ABIC Hub Startup Incubation Programme

Areas of key focus;

  • Services and Light manufacturing.
  • Sports.
  • Creative arts.
  • Trade.
  • Media, and ICT.
  • Agriculture.

Key Dates

  • Opening of Application: April 5th, 2021.
  • Closing of Application: April 19th, 2021.
  • Selection date :April 22nd, 2021.

Who can Apply

  • Startup founders
  • Early stage startups/businesses


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