Africa Matters 2023 Ambassadors Programme For Young Africans

AMAP includes a part for developing skills online, a practical Community Engagement Project (CEP), building networks across the continent, and receiving mentorship from business executives in Africa. Ambassadors are expected to discover problems that have an impact on their communities and provide practical, long-lasting solutions to address social ills with the help of their CEPs.

Each AMAP Ambassador will create and carry out a project throughout their term of office that can positively affect at least 50 individuals in their border community. Thus, the program’s wider effects will help hundreds of local residents throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Through this procedure, the Africa Matters team mentors and coaches the Ambassadors as they develop, scale, implement, and sustain their projects as well as provides guidance on monitoring and evaluation.

There are three (3) parts to the curriculum. The first consists of twice-monthly instructional and interactive meetings with facilitators on various subjects (such as personal development, social entrepreneurship, and others), which are complemented by required homework.

Each AMAP Ambassador is given a mentor to help with their personal and professional development as part of the second element, which is mentorship. The third element is a community involvement initiative, where each AMAP Ambassador is asked to pinpoint problems that have an impact on their neighborhoods and develop workable, long-term solutions to address social ills. By the end of the program, the CEP must be completed.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a young African person between the ages of 17-29 in one of the following countries: Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Algeria, and South Africa.
  • The programme will be instructed predominantly in English. Proficiency is required.


  • AMAP Ambassadors will receive guidance and advice for their community engagement projects from the AMAP Team, their mentors and sometimes other AMAP Ambassadors (sharing ideas and knowledge is encouraged), however, executing the project will be your sole responsibility.
  • Africa Matters Initiative will provide data to successful applicants to attend the online sessions and seed funding to assist with the execution of community engagement projects. However, if the cost of a project exceeds the amount of seed funding, the programme participant will be required to fundraise the remaining amount. Tips and advice on fundraising will be shared during the programme.


  •  The programme will commence in February 2023 and conclude in December 2023.

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