WAEC Recruitment: Guidelines And How to Apply

You can submit a successful application for the upcoming WAEC Recruitment exercise with the aid of the application guidance for WAEC Recruitment. To aid those who wish to obtain the application form for future recruitment, we have gathered information from prior recruitments.

We strongly advise you to take note of the information provided here and make sure your paperwork is in order before the next batch of application forms are made available for the West African Examination Council recruiting.

When applying for the (West African Examination Council) waec recruiting, it’s important to bear in mind that all of the required documents must be provided; if they aren’t, you won’t be able to upload the document.

How to Prepare for the WAEC Recruitment

  • If you want to be taken into consideration for work with the West African Examination Council, make sure to give the interview your all. Only people who succeed in this phase will be employed by WAEC.
  • On recruitment.waec.com, job applicants can submit an online application to work with the West African Examination Council.
  • Following the publication of the recruiting dates, candidates must register on the recruitment portal, complete the application, and upload the required documents before submitting an application to the West African Examination Council.

WAEC Recruitment Requirments

  • Applicants must fulfill the standards listed below in order to be considered. We admonish you to read the regulations very attentively.
  • Candidates must fulfill the following prerequisites in order to be eligible to apply for WAEC recruitment:
  • You much a degree in a relevant field
  • The minimum requirements for applicants are five (5) SSCE/WASSCE credits in English Language and Mathematics in one sitting, or six (6) credits in English Language and Mathematics at a maximum of two (2) sittings.
  • A means of identification is either a national Identity (NIN) permanent voter’s card.
  • The candidate must be proficient with personal computers, the MS Office suite, and web-based applications.
  • Those who met the qualifications would be invited to write an aptitude test after applying, and you would be needed to bring a list of items that we would detail in this post with you when you arrived at the screening location.
  • Only those who do well on the aptitude test will be chosen for further consideration.
  • Candidates who were shortlisted would be contacted using their contact information.

It’s also crucial to pay attention to the WAEC Adhoc staff recruitment, which typically occurs throughout the exam periods.

Important Information Regarding WAEC Recruitment

Candidates should be aware of a number of important details that will be discussed prior to applying. Potential applicants should be informed of the following before applying:

  1. The application is available without charge.
  2. Documents would be scanned and uploaded to the recruitment portal.
  3. Applications must include scanned passport photos with dimensions of 275 × 314 pixels and file sizes ranging from 7kb to 30kb.
  4. Uploads should be between 50 and 120 kilobytes in size, with a width and height between 400 and 1500 pixels, respectively.

Guidelines for WAEC Recruitment Applications

Follow the correct application procedures and submit the required documents as directed if you wish to be included on the shortlist. On the recruitment portal, the application procedures will also be described. Interested candidates should follow the procedures listed below to apply:

To apply, visit the WAEC recruiting website at recruitment.waec.com.ng and follow the directions below:

  • Select Register from the options.
  • A verification code will be emailed to your email address once you have completed the registration process.
  • Select the email link that was sent to you.
  • Click sign in once you have confirmed your account.
  • Log in, provide your information, and apply for the open vacancies.

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