Agri Seed Capital Incubation Programme For South Africans

Agri Seed Capital is a Micro Finance Institution (MFI) was established to address the issue of financial inclusion that affects subsistence and small-scale farmers.

The three-year Agri Seed Capital incubation initiative aims to create a pipeline of future finance-ready farmers.

Their support services include:

1. Access to markets: Linking producers with markets

2. Bookkeeping services: Accurate record keeping of farm income and expenses to improve prospects of future financing

3. Business plans: Setting clear strategies, objectives, and long-term farm planning

4. Production credit facilities: This facility of up to R250 000 can be used for production inputs, e.g., seeds, fertilizer, herbicide, fuel, machinery hire etc

5. Risk mitigating strategies: Assists in developing risk management plans to reduce the risk to an acceptable level

6. Technical advisory: Advice of production optimising techniques, pest and disease management, and fertilizer application plans.


a. Full time farmer.

b. Access to land.

c. Three years of verifiable production history.

How To Apply

Interested and qualified applicants should apply online, at:

Or you can download the application form on this link, complete and return to

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