All Nigerian GSM Network Phone Number Prefixes

In Nigeria, there are numerous networks, the most prominent and widely used of which are the GSM Network prefixes such as (MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile)

There are several telecommunication networks in Nigeria, and it is unclear which one should be used. In the meanwhile, different networks and their prefixes exist, and they are distinct from one another.

What is Prefixes?

Prefixes in this sense allude to numbers such as 0803, 0812, and 0905, which are all stressful if you want to continually asking people for it.

The Global System for Mobile (GSM) is a method of providing services by a network provider. Econet was Nigeria’s first GSM carrier, having opened in December 2021. Despite this, MTN began operations in the same year.

Nigerian prefixes always occur before network prefixes, for example, +234, which is the Nigerian code.

All GSM Network Phone Number Prefixes in Nigeria Research has been done to ensure a clear outline of phone numbers and prefixes, so if you’re looking for information on how to check your phone number to determine which network it belongs to, you’ve come to the proper place.

Prefixes for MTN Nigeria

Numbers to quickly identify an MTN line are provided below.

  • 0803
  • 0813
  • 0806
  • 0703
  • 0706
  • 0816
  • 0819
  • 0810
  • 0903

Prefixes for Airtel Number

  • 0802
  • 0804
  • 0904
  • 0708
  • 0812

Prefixes For Glo Number

  • 0805
  • 0807
  • 0905
  • 0811
  • 0815

Prefixes For 9Mobile

  • 0817
  • 0809
  • 0818
  • 0908
  • 0909

Prefixes for Starcoms

  • 07029
  • 07028

The list depicts how each network displays its prefixes; if you look closely, you’ll notice that most networks have essentially identical prefixes, so keep an eye out!

You must not be perplexed, nor should you be concerned about if the number you are to call is an MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, or Etisalat number. Go over things thoroughly; it’ll be simple.

These instructions will help you avoid becoming perplexed in the future, as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT should all be easily detectable.

Source: Nyscinfo

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