What To Know About NELEX – FG New Job Creation Platform

The establishment of a work and occupation creation webpage for unemployed Nigerians living in the country and abroad was approved, the Federal Government announced on Wednesday.

The National Electronic Labour Exchange (NELEX) project is a ground-breaking initiative that aims to develop a database of employable labor in the nation in order to streamline the Ministry’s job-exchange operations.

Even though the gateway has been around for a while, no one has been able to expand it. However, the funds are currently offered through a bilateral or multilateral agreement. As a result, they are revamping, remodeling, and modernizing the infrastructure.

  1. You can find the correct kind of candidate on the NELEX website. Both working and unemployed people who are actively looking for work are included in our database.
  2. Employers and licensed private employment agencies are free to sift through the vast pool of available human resources to find the right combination of job seekers to fill open positions.
  3. By providing real-time information on employment rates, NELEX fosters a competitive environment for successful job recruiting in the nation and supports the Federal Government’s economic initiatives.
  4. NELEX offers instruments for worldwide labor migration exercises and a dependable database of employable labor.
  5. NELEX gives the Ministry of Labour and Productivity a platform to inform job seekers about initiatives to create jobs and business prospects.
  6. NELEX offers guidance on skill demand, establishing a connection between employer demands and skill supply, allowing companies access to a wide range of abilities.

The Minister of Labour and Productivity argued that the platform had not been improved over time and could not handle the pressure of the volume of users who wanted to use it, despite the fact that the digital platform was intended to be utilized by both employers and job searchers.

He said. “The employers will come in and load the vacancy they have, the type of skill they want, the qualifications of people that can fit in there.

The job seekers—graduates and non-graduates—who are looking for work will then register, list their qualifications, skills, and capabilities, and the two groups will then be matched. Through that platform, the employer can communicate with a job applicant.

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