Apply For Ekiti State Coding BootCamp 2022

Ekiti State Coding BootCamp is a program that will train 50 young people in Ekiti State and give them with a road to new jobs. The purpose of this project is to develop young Ekiti tech talent for the global market.


In collaboration with TechCabal Insights, this boot camp is being held. TC Insights is TechCabal’s data, research, and intelligence section, which provides investors, entrepreneurs, big tech firms, regulators, and other actors on and off the continent with actionable data on startups and the digital ecosystem.

How to Apply

If you are a Tech-Enthusiast living in Ekiti State and would like to get the necessary technical and leadership skills to pursue job prospects in the field of technology, please fill out the form below. Details on how to complete the selection process will be sent to you. To apply, please click here.

The deadline is March 11th, 2022.

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