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The Nigerian National Health Information System is currently weak and unable to provide the much-needed quality health data required for decision-making. Among many structural and governance barriers, this weakness is also largely due to low data analytics and coordination capacity, as well as the fragmented and disorganised manner of data systems development in the country.

Data analytics can improve health care in different ways. Some of these include; regular monitoring of health outcomes, improving decision support mechanisms, informing policy development, etc. More importantly, policymakers and stakeholders in health with the use of data and analytics will be able to make use of new tools that can provide valuable insight into the health status of the populace, quality of service delivery and financial implications.

Over the past few years, the eHealth for everyone foundation has provided support in health data analytics to improve decision-making processes in the country in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) and other stakeholders. The chief aim of this work is to improve health data analytics in the health sector of Nigeria by strengthening the institutional capacity of the departments and agencies charged with the responsibility of managing the Nigerian health information system. This is done through dashboard engineering, data analytics support, technical advisory, research, staff mentoring and capacity building of the FMoH and other partner agencies.

In collaboration with the FMoH, the eHealth for everyone foundation developed the Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation (MSDAT) platform which is a comprehensive integrated platform for comparative analysis of the available health datasets in Nigeria.

The platform aims to improve the availability and accessibility of health data by providing a single transparent view of multiple datasets and indicators across different health system areas.

To build upon this initiative, eHealth for everyone continues to employ its human capital development approach, where students and fresh graduates are offered internships to build capacity for health data analytics in Nigeria. Through this approach, eHealth for everyone serves as a solid strategic anchor partner for various stakeholders in the health sector. Beyond our routine internships for students and fresh graduates, eHealth for everyone is introducing the Health Data Analytics (HDA) fellowship for postgraduate students. The goal of this fellowship is to build capacity for HDA, specifically the expansion of the MSDAT and related areas, at higher academic and research levels.

About eHealth4everyone

We are a new type of mission-driven organization with services, expertise, and solutions aimed at making the business of healthcare delivery work for everyone by leveraging technology. We believe that if health is a right, then proven digital health solutions and expertise like ours should not be considered a luxury. We enable high performance across the healthcare delivery and management continuum by collaborating with participants from individuals to healthcare providers, government departments and stakeholders, insurance organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and various private sector players.


This fellowship will inform the next phase of technological and data analytical innovations/inventions to expand on the MSDAT platform for improved healthcare delivery and health system’s monitoring in Nigeria. The objectives of the HDA fellowship are to:

  • Build local capacity for research in health data analytics
  • Support the development of health data platforms, specifically the MSDAT
  • Improve the utilization of the MSDAT platform
  • Use findings to inform Health Information Systems (HIS) policy development
  • Facilitate the publication of research reports in recognized journals

The benefits of this fellowship include:

  • Up to ?1,000,000.00 (per fellow) for postgraduate research (including research expenses e.g. equipment, data collection etc)
  • Capacity building in research and health data analytics
  • Possible job opportunities with eHealth4everyone on completion of the fellowship
  • Access to a network of individuals with shared interests
  • Mentorship and support from the administering body. This would translate into the provision of reviews and guidance during the course of their research.
  • Provision of datasets on request.

Qualification Requirements

To be eligible for this fellowship, the individual must fulfil the following requirements;

  1. Must hold an acceptable form of Identification (i.e. an International passport; Drivers’ licence; Voters’ Card, National Identity Number (NIN) card)
  2. Must be a postgraduate student of any accredited University with a valid means of identification
  3. Candidates should hold a Bachelor’s degree of at least a 3.5/5.0 CGPA (Second class upper honours) for Master’s students, and at least a Merit or its equivalent in Master’s, for PhD students. 
  4. Research goals should be targeted towards improving the Nigerian health system around the following areas:
  • Data Management
  • Visual Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Data Integration
  • Health outcomes
  • Health financing
  • Health Workforce
  • Population and demographics
  • Health facility service availability and readiness
  • Health Impact
  • Advanced analytics
  • Open data advocacy
  • Big Data for health
  • Data demand and use
  • Statistical modelling of health data
  • Health Information System interoperability
  • Artificial Intelligence

How To Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to eHealth4everyone website on to apply

Please read the eligibility section above carefully before applying

  1. Carefully complete each section of the HDA fellowship form(s) and attach the required documents. These include:
      • Official transcripts from Academic Institution,
      • Curriculum Vitae (CVs)
      • Admission letters,
      • Statement of purpose (maximum of 500 words),
      • Research proposal/summary including timelines for execution,
      • Letter of recommendation from Supervisor, Head of Department or Dean;
      • A previously published paper, if available. This would be an added advantage.
  2. A 2-minute video of the applicant explaining their research proposal and motivation, is required.
  3. The HDA fellowship committee will carefully review each proposal and make a final decision. If successful, applicants would be notified (within 8 weeks after the application deadline) that they have been selected to receive the research grant. 
  4. Successful applicants must officially “accept” the offer via an email within a week.

Please note: Funds are to be used for the research work ONLY. Funds would possibly cover textbooks, equipment, publications, and travels (for data collection activities etc). Costs that are indirectly related to the research would need to be approved by the HDA fellowship committee. 

In addition, results from all HDA funded research will be completely open for use by the eHealth for Everyone Foundation and others. There will be no copyrighting of research. 

For more details visit: eHealth4everyone website on

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