Arik Air Online Flight Booking and Customer Service

Arik Air has become a mainstay in Nigerian aviation business. Since its launch on 30th October 2006, with operation beginning in Calabar on 15th November 2006 and Enugu and Edo on 7th January 2007, the airline has remain among the best in the business of commercial flying in Nigeria. The airline which started by flying to Lagos and Abuja is owned by a company called Ojemai Ventures.

Arik Air Nicknamed the “Wings of Africa”, Arik is arguably the most famous and successful airlines in Nigeria and in African. Domestic and international travelers have all had nice testimonies about the airline, especially for its punctuality and industry-standard safety adherence.

If you want to travel with Arik, there are two very essential things you should know about the airline which are flight booking and check-in. interestingly, this article will help you do justice to that, by providing the information you require in this regard. Also check how to book flight ticket online in Nigeria.

Arik Airline Flight Booking

Arik Air offers you different booking opportunities which include multiple destinations, return trip and one-way trip.

Booking Requirements

Before you head out of your house for a journey, you need to get important information regarding your movement. To travel with Arik Air, you will need your valid international passport (for oversea travel) and a form of national identification/travel document.

The following is the information you will need to present:

  1. Supply your basic information. This includes your destination, travel date and the number of travelers.

2. Indicate if you are traveling in the business class or the economy class

How to Book Arik Air Flight Online

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the “Manage your Booking” link

  3. Provide all the information requested by the airline

  4. Click on the “Check-in” box once the page finishes loading

Arik Air Customer Service and contact addresses

Every business that cares about feedbacks will go to any length to set up a platform through which feedbacks can be received. Arik Air does this excellently. This means that you need not worry about how to contact Arik Air whenever there is a need to do that.

Kindly find Arik Air contacts below:

** Email:

** For complaint:

** Phone number: +234-1-279-9999

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