NYSC Batch B 2020 to Enter Orientation Camp On 10th November

Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 Corps Members will not return to Camp. Batch ‘A’ Stream 2 are automatically turned to Batch ‘B’, and they will go to Camp on 10th November.

Nysc mobilization process

The Federal Government has announced November 10th as the official resumption date of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camps. Now, the question that many people are asking is “Who are those going to camp on 10th November; 2020 Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 or Stream 2?

The NYSC Director-General, Shauibu Ibrahim, had repeatedly said that Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 would return to orientation camps to complete their orientation course which was disrupted due to Covid19 pandemic.

However, there is a leaked information from the NYSC management meeting suggesting that Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 will no longer return to the orientation camps due to logistic reasons.

Recall that the NYSC DG once hinted that a Camp will receive total number of Corps Members ranging from 600 – 700, against the normal range of 2000 – 3000.

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Why Batch A Stream 1 will not return to camp

If Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 are to return to Camp, it’s clear that all of them will not return at once. It will be done group by group, and they will re-print their Call up letters. The left-overs, will they continue working from their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) or stay at home while waiting for a turn to enter camp?

So, it is practically not possible, or will create more confusing, and we do not know how NYSC will handle that. For this reason, NYSC cancelled the idea of Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 returning to camp.

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The official information at hand is that Batch A Stream 2 will automatically be turned to Batch B, and they will camp on 10th November. Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 will not return to camp. They will continue their service from their respective PPA.

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Updated: October 15, 2020 — 8:42 pm

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  1. Batch C 1&2 stream for 2020 are to begin registration from when please?
    If it’s not this year, can we Know when please? Thank you.

    1. It’s next year, no official date yet.

  2. How can I know that I will go on 10th November since the batch are to be split into many stream??!
    Pls response,for me to make certain preparation before the date

    1. You will know through your dashboard

  3. My dashboard is still showing I am not on this stream
    Hope it won’t affect anything ?

  4. Please when will batch B stream 1 enter camp ?

  5. My question go this way, is this Batch A stream 2 that turned to batch B going to divided by stream 1 & 2 or what ?

  6. thank for the update

    when are the batch A Stream 2 gonna start printing the call up letter..??

    Bvoz our dashboard is still showing that we re not in the stream

    1. You will be notified in due time

  7. Is all Batch A Stream 2 going to camp on 10 November

    1. Not all, it is group by group


  9. That means we that re supposed to be batch B we have to wait for batch C

  10. Now how long will they stay in the camp,is the normal duration for the orientation?

  11. Best news

  12. Won’t they open portal for those already mobilized to register i.e the said Batch A Stream 2?

  13. Pls will all the stream 2 go at once

  14. At last

  15. Finally the resumption date is on the 10th of next month

  16. When will portal be reopened for registration

  17. When will batch B stream2 moves?

  18. Good news, am tired of home

  19. Mbalian Blessing Iwueseter

    Please which marriage certificate do married couple use,is it the one from court or church

  20. Pls what about remobilization are they still going to open the portal for remobilization before batch C.

  21. Ok what about Remobilization would the portal open before batch C .pls someone should clarify

  22. Would it be advisable we do our medical report now or we wait for the call up letter..since we stream 2 wud be resuming in batches

  23. When will batch C be going ?

  24. Please what will happen to those that have not been mobilization who where expecting to be batch B?

  25. Wrong, the course has to be completed!

  26. Is it those that applied for stream 2 batch A that is resuming camp on 10th of November

  27. What about those who where not mobilise and where hoping to go for batch B??

    1. They will go with Batch C

  28. I think this is the best news so far…

    Thanks for the update.

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