Nigerian Immigration Gives Updates Regarding Recruitment Ads

This is to inform you that the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has issued a stern warning to the public regarding fraudulent NIS Recruitment 2024 advertisement being circulated on social media. In a statement released on their official Twitter page, NIS emphasized that any recruitment advert not found on their verified social media pages is fake and should be disregarded.

The NIS clarified that they are not currently conducting any recruitment exercises and urged the public to exercise caution and vigilance. The agency, further, cautioned against divulging personal information or parting with money to individuals claiming to have recruitment slots or connections within the Service.

According to the NIS, their official social media pages on X and Instagram are the only legitimate sources of recruitment information. They emphasized that individuals should disregard any messages from unauthorized sources, especially on platforms like Facebook.

The NIS stressed the importance of protecting personal data and finances from unscrupulous elements seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting job seekers. They highlighted that the Service would not be held responsible for any issues arising from interactions with fake recruiters.

In conclusion, the NIS urged the public to “shine their eyes” and remain vigilant to avoid falling victim to recruitment scams. They assured that any official recruitment announcements would be communicated through their verified social media channels first.

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