Best 8 Educational Institutions Offering Safety Courses In Nigeria

All new employees in a business must complete safety training. To help ensure the prevention of health dangers and the implementation of these safety courses when appropriate, it is advised that employers train their employees on safety practices.

In order to protect the employee’s surroundings and occupational health, this is necessary. It is understandable why businesses in Nigeria require health and safety training for all employees, or better yet, require that their staff members complete the training at reputable institutions that offer these courses and show their safety certifications during the interview.

You need to receive training in the health and safety elements of your field even before you are admitted as a professional engineer.

The top 8 accredited and recognized educational facilities in Nigeria that provide courses on safety are listed in this article.

1. SkillEdge Consulting Limited

Another reputable, accredited, and long-standing health and safety training facility is found in Nigeria. They educate their clientele on a range of health and safety topics.

The best in the nation right now are those mentioned above. You may also be asking what industries in Nigeria place a high priority on health and safety training. These industries include those dealing with energy, power, telecommunications, oil & gas, construction, financial institutions, manufacturing businesses, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, aviation, and technology.

2. Group SMSTZ

This is another reputable organization in Nigeria that provides safety training. They collaborate with other prestigious foreign institutions abroad, which enhances their position as a top supplier of expert safety training.

They have a consulting center in Lagos where they offer any willing individual, organization, or group of people health and safety courses like IOSH Managing Safely and International General Certificate course.

3. International Competency Certification Center (ICCE)

This university charges reasonable fees for the courses and training it provides. Training in Industry Health, Safety & Environment is one of the programs and courses they provide as a CIEH registered and approved institute. Additionally, they provide NEBOSH and other health safety education for managers, staff, and directors.

4. Lonadek

LONADEK is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a company that can train employees in the oil and gas business on health and safety, since they also instruct students on how to keep the workplace secure to enable easy adaptation.

5. SGS Nigeria

They are among the greatest organizations in Nigeria that provide safety courses, and they offer programs and seminars at reasonable prices.

6. OilTrain

OilTrain has established itself as one of Nigeria’s top oil and gas training institutions throughout the years. Over the years, a wide range of business entities in the oil and gas industry have benefited from the knowledge of these institutions.

The Oil Training Institute offers courses in management, health, NEBOSH, safety, and other areas that can assist its students become more skilled, knowledgeable, and professional in the oil and gas sector.

7. Hybrid Consulting Ltd

This organization has received CIEH accreditation and approval, making it one of the top training facilities for health and safety in Nigeria. Through their numerous training programs, they assist businesses in preventing losses brought on by risks to employee health as well as in fostering a secure and safe environment.

8. Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPN)

The Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPN) is without a doubt the premier institution in Nigeria today that provides training for safety professionals. Since its establishment in 1980, ISPN has developed a solid reputation as a provider of HSE services. After the program, they also provide their pupils certificates.

Some of the courses that these institutions offer are listed below:

  1. Setting policy for health and safety
  2. Principles of control in health and safety
  3. Monitoring, review and audit of health and safety performance
  4. Movement of people and vehicles
  5. Promoting a positive health and safety culture
  6. Investigation, recording and reporting of health and safety incidents
  7. Health and safety foundations
  8. Organizing for health and safety
  9. Work equipment hazard and control
  10. Risk assessment
  11. Hazard and control
  12. Manual and mechanical handling of hazard and control

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Source: Nyscinfo

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