Best Android Apps To Sell Your Gift Cards In Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are apps for trading and selling gift cards for both Android and iOS users, so if you are looking for a way to trade or sell your gift cards without visiting a website or trading with a potential scammer, this post is for you.

Giving someone the freedom and flexibility to buy whatever they want with a gift card is a fantastic idea. It comes with money preloaded and can be used to make payments. A real gift card or a digital gift card can be used. Digital gift cards may be used to make online purchases and are occasionally transferred to mobile wallets, whereas physical gift cards can be redeemed in stores.

We will present the greatest applications in Nigeria where you can quickly sell your gift card in this article. These programs have become highly dependable because they currently offer high rates, security, and speedy payout.

In Nigeria, below is a list of the best apps for viewing gift cards.

1. Apexpay

Apexpay is the most trusted and dependable software for selling gift cards in Nigeria. Apexpay features high gift card rates and a high rate option on the app where customers may see the highest-rated gift cards. Apex Pay is a safe and secure payment option with a referral bonus. You can also use Apexpay to send and receive money for free.

2. Paxful

Paxful is a prominent Bitcoin exchange and a vast marketplace where you may participate in a variety of trading systems. You can exchange your Cards for Bitcoin on Paxful, which will be instantly delivered to your wallet. You can also exchange your Bitcoin for cash and immediately receive your naira. Paxful accepts a wide range of Cards, making it a great place to trade Gift Cards.

3. Gift Cards To Naira

This software offers one of the best gift card trading experiences in Africa, with over a thousand positive reviews on the Google Play store.

You may feel assured that you are covered in every way thanks to their 24-hour customer care. They also offer competitive gift card rates and prompt payment.

4. Cardtonic

Cardtonic is a cutting-edge gift card exchange platform that works on the web, iOS, and Android devices. Cardtonic provides a secure platform that looks out for your best interests while also delivering the best pricing for your cards, whether you are new to gift cards or an experienced seller. Cardtonic allows a variety of payment methods, including iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet, Google Play, Apple Store, eBay, and Walmart.

5. Prestmit

Prestmit offers more than three ways to trade your Cards in Nigeria; it is one of the only apps that allows you to swap Gift Cards for Bitcoin, Naira, and even USDT. In Nigeria, Prestmit is a fantastic software for selling and trading Gift Cards. The app is quite safe, and the company offers fantastic customer service. You may also exchange cryptocurrencies using this app. The Prestmit app is currently only available for Android users.

6. TruthX

Another app for reselling or redeeming cards is TruthX. You can also use this program to sell your bitcoins and receive fast cash. TruthX offers a range of costs as well as safe transactions. In addition, the app features a pleasant user interface and helpful customer support.

7. Nosh

You can trade iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Google Play, Apple Store, eBay, and Walmart gift cards on NOSH. This app is one of the best for exchanging Cards, and trading on their platform guarantees you good rates. Your Gift Cards are safe with them, and their customer service is unrivaled.

8. Glover

Users can use Glover to buy and trade cards, acquire airtime, and pay for TV subscriptions, among other things. Glover’s card rates are high, and the company’s customer service is superb. On Google Play, the app has over 100,000 downloads. The app has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play and has received a lot of positive feedback.

Source: Nyscinfo

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