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How To Invest In FarmKart


Many businesses have adopted digital operations as a result of recent technological advancements. The agro-industry is one of many industries that have jumped on board with this trend. FarmKart Foods is a company that uses technology to help farmers. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about what they do. An Overview of […]

How To Become A ReadyCash Agent (A Guide)


Many people in Nigeria today do not have access to basic banking services. The minority of people who are lucky enough to have access to traditional banking services grumble about long lines. ReadyCash is a startup that tries to address the issue of Nigerians’ lack of access to adequate financial services. Everything you need to […]

Best Android Apps To Sell Your Gift Cards In Nigeria

gift cards

In Nigeria, there are apps for trading and selling gift cards for both Android and iOS users, so if you are looking for a way to trade or sell your gift cards without visiting a website or trading with a potential scammer, this post is for you. Giving someone the freedom and flexibility to buy […]

How to Invest in Nigerian Stocks In 2022

Nigerian stocks

If you’ve heard of investing in and buying Nigerian stocks but aren’t sure how to get started, you’ve come to the correct place. Congratulations! Your inquisitiveness has led you to take the first step toward increasing your earning potential, which is the ultimate purpose of purchasing stocks. How to Invest in Nigerian Stocks Investing in […]

Investment Apps That Can Earn You Dollars In 2022

investment apps

The introduction of investment applications has swiftly changed a lot of things, allowing a younger, more diversified, and social media-savvy generation to enter the world of investing. There are a few investment apps available to help beginners get into the world of investing. Here are some ideas to assist you in making money. What exactly […]

10 Business Books That Will Change Your Finance In 2022

The Power of One

It’s all about efficiency: The most successful people are pupils who observe and learn from others who have already achieved success. Here’s a list of books that top achievers recommend. This article takes a look at 10 business books that will change your finance in 2022. 10 business books that will change your finance in […]

Lucrative Livestock Businesses To Consider In 2022

livestock businesses

The year 2022 offers a multitude of business opportunities that no one should pass up. The agriculture sector, in particular, offers a lot of opportunity for livestock businesses. What is agriculture’s purpose? Humans have a natural need to eat. We get our food from crops or livestock, both of which are agricultural goods. To top […]

10 Businesses You Can Start In 2022 And Make Money


It is the beginning of the year 2022. For those who want to take their year seriously in order to count their winnings by the end of the year, now is the time to make the choices that will translate into wealth. We understand that the times are difficult, especially for Nigerians, who have been […]

Why You Should Stay Away From Ponzi Scheme In 2022

Ponzi scheme

Imagine a buddy approaching you and telling you about this fantastic investment. It has a high rate of return. He offers you very little information on the business into which you are investing your money. You only need to give up a few thousand Naira. Wait a certain amount of time, and your money will […]

MTN Shares News For Today

MTN recruiters

Applicants of the MTN Nigeria Shares should keenly go through this update ‘MTN Shares News For Today’. Firsta foremost, it’s important for the general public to be aware that the shares offer has been closed. The next thing is for each applicants to wait patiently for the next action which is allotment of the shares. […]