Hamster Kombat Coins or Profit Per Hour?

A lot of people have have been asking if they should spend all their Hamster Kombat game coins to buy profit-per-hour since the coins will not be used to determine real token distribution.

Yes, Hamster game coins will not count, but do not burn or spend all your coins now because you need them for level ranks. For example, if your level is “Master,” how would you move to “Grandmaster” if you spent all your coins on upgrading “profit per hour”?

Hamster Kombat is a battle game. Your “profit per hour,” “levels,” “cards you own,” “daily tasks participation,” “number of people invited,” etc., will all count.

Hold on to your coins to complete levels, but once you’ve completed all the levels, spend them all or when the listing is announced, spend all your coins on profit per hour. But for now, the only reason you should hold them is to complete levels.

Hamster introduced another level called “Lord” that requires 1 billion coins to attain. Now, ask yourself, why would they introduce such a new level?

Ask yourself, why would many white people attain that level instead of spending all their coins on “profit per hour” at the Grandmaster level or Gold level?

Their profit per hour is about 2.3 million which is very good. But why didn’t they spend all their coins at the Grandmaster level to increase their profit per hour to maybe 5million and abandon the “Lord” rank?

It is because your rank/level is still very important. And you cannot attain them without having Hamster coins, meanwhile, hamster coin is not important. You may also like to read 5 Crypto Airdrops To Watch Out For After Notcoin.

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  1. Hamster Kombat Coins: The Hamster Kombat game on Telegram has been gaining traction with its daily bonuses and airdrop opportunities. Players can earn millions of free coins by participating in daily combos and ciphers, which can be quite rewarding for consistent players. It’s an exciting way to engage with the community and potentially benefit from the game’s growth.
    Profit Per Hour: On the financial side, calculating Profit Per Hour is a crucial metric for any business. It involves understanding the net operating profit relative to the total billable hours. This calculation helps ensure that every hour of operation contributes positively to the bottom line.

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