5 Warning Signs That Tapswap Might Be a Scam

In the burgeoning Nigerian crypto space, Tapswap has quickly gained traction, especially after a successful airdrop campaign by Notcoin. However, recent developments have led to increasing skepticism about its legitimacy. Here are five red flags suggesting that Tapswap might not be a trustworthy project.

1. Hidden Costs in a Free Airdrop Campaign

Tapswap originally marketed itself with a free airdrop campaign, requiring participants to engage in tap-to-earn activities. Unexpectedly, the project introduced a feature that demanded users pay 1 Ton token (approximately $7 or N10,000) to double their earned points. This move contradicts the promise of a free campaign and suggests an attempt to monetize the user base under false pretenses, raising serious concerns about the project’s integrity.

2. Lack of a Community Space

Successful crypto projects often have vibrant community spaces where participants can interact, share experiences, and provide feedback. Despite its large user base, Tapswap has not established such a platform. This absence not only hinders transparent communication but also isolates users, making it difficult to address issues collectively. The reluctance to create a community space can be perceived as a tactic to avoid scrutiny and critical discussion.

3. Misleading Integrations with Web 2.0 Platforms

Recently, Tapswap required users to subscribe to two Nigerian news channels to earn 400,000 points. This integration of Web 2.0 platforms into a supposedly Web 3.0 project appears out of place and suspicious. Critics argue that this move is likely an attempt by the project’s operators to drive traffic to these news channels, casting doubt on the project’s true intentions and its commitment to genuine crypto innovation.

4. Uncertainty About Blockchain Affiliation

Initially, Tapswap was aligned with the Solana blockchain. However, on May 27, the project announced it would no longer launch on Solana due to scalability issues, without specifying a new blockchain partner. This lack of clarity and direction raises questions about the project’s stability and reliability. A credible blockchain partnership is crucial for building trust and ensuring the project’s technical viability.

5. Persistent Technical Issues

Users have frequently reported technical problems with Tapswap, including difficulties accessing the Telegram interface and connecting their wallets. Despite claiming to address these issues, the user experience remains subpar compared to other projects like Notcoin. Continuous technical glitches and inadequate responses undermine confidence in Tapswap’s capability to deliver a seamless and reliable platform.


While Tapswap has garnered a significant following, these red flags suggest that potential users should proceed with caution. The introduction of unexpected fees, lack of community engagement, dubious integrations, uncertainty about blockchain affiliation, and persistent technical issues collectively paint a troubling picture. As with any investment, especially in the volatile crypto space, it’s crucial to thoroughly research and remain vigilant to avoid falling prey to potential scams.

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22 thoughts on “5 Warning Signs That Tapswap Might Be a Scam”

  1. Of a truth, enough money has been made by the traffic generated, if they’re not greedy they’ll launch but if they are, Otilo!

      1. It is not out of place to ponder and reflect on these five red flags that seems to make the tapswap airdrop campaign a sham or a Ponzi scheme. Because, the whole tapswap crypto currency stuff seems too good to be true! The introduction of the 1Ton token and the instability of the tapswaps network is a cause of concern. If at all tapswap is for real and has come to stay, they should take down the 1 ton token idea and also there should be transparency in their dealings with their users. In the end, we hope and pray that tapswap will be listed so that the users efforts and time should be all worth the while!

  2. Mohammed Usman

    I also said it earlier tapswap might be scam, but I am advising my fellow to be careful not pay money on any project unless it was confirmed reliable.


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