4 Powerful Businesses to Start With 50k

Today, we will introduce you to the 4 powerful businesses to start with 50k or less. It must not be N50,000 before you can begin.

This is going to be a fast and to-the-point article.

4 Powerful Businesses to Start With 50k

Here are some businesses that you can start with N50,000.

1. Mobile Phone Accessories

Powerful Businesses to Start


Everyone utilises earpieces, ear pods, chargers, phone bags, screen protectors, and other accessories. You will note that the demand for these things is increasing every day. So, this is a business that runs every day, and it is tied to foodstuff that you must sell every day. You can start this phone accessory business with $50,000, or you can start an earpiece business with $10,000, yep you heard me correctly.

Simply go to Ali Express and get them directly from China for a low price, believe me. Some of the ear pieces we buy cost less than 200naira and can be resold for as high as 500,600, or 700naira, while those purchased for 1000naira can be resold for 2000naira or 2500naira. So, with $10,000, you can begin investing your profit back into the business with increased money and expand the accessories you sell as the firm grows. Remember to use your social media to sell and distribute to your pals; you never know when you can be the next Jumia.

2. Shirt Sales

You’re familiar with the standard shir t worn by actual men, like as bankers and office employees. You don’t need to be a tailor or seamstress, and you don’t need to go out and start purchasing shirts to start this business. All you have to do is go to a market, such as ariaria market in Aba, and inquire about shirt materials; if you can’t travel to ariria, you may order real males shirt HERE and pay on delivery; trust me, you’ll be amazed by what you see, great shirt materials. Yes, choose nice ones; please do not choose colour riot.

They will sew for you at a low price, in various sizes, and even add any personalised label you desire. Trust me when I say that you can start this business with $50,000 or even $30,000, depending on the capital you have at the moment. If you wish to establish this firm, make certain that there is a market for you. It’s only up to you to be wise and make good use of your social media platform. Stop chasing girls over Facebook. Use these platforms to sell your market and turn the data you’ve been wasting into cash.

3. Sales of Fairly Used Cloths

Powerful Businesses to Start

As we all know, Okirika, or OK, is a very profitable business that you can start with less than $50,000. One of my aunts began her business with $5,000 and is currently on her way to creating her own shop. Guys, this isn’t a joke; this business is quite profitable, especially when selling female okirika. 4 Powerful Businesses to Start With 50k. You can begin by purchasing the clothing in Cotonou; if you are unable to travel to Cotonou due to transportation or other reasons, you can meet people who have purchased from Cotonou and select the nice ones to resell in your neighbourhood or anywhere else you believe you can sell.

4. Food Stuff Sales

Powerful Businesses to Start

This company appeals to me because you must sell every day. Especially if you live in an area where getting to the market is difficult, and believe me, most of us live in an area where getting to the market is tough, and if you are the market for the people, my brother, my sister, the money is your own. You can start with a basin of garri or a basin of rice; just start someplace, and if you’re lucky enough to live near a farm that produces these things, you won’t need any money.


To sum it up You don’t have to start huge; you don’t have to have $50,000 to begin; instead, you can start modest and progressively reinvest your profits into the business. It makes no difference whether you are a student, a family member, or a working individual. These enterprises can be run on the side, and trust me, they won’t take up all of your time.

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