Best Banks To Open Business Account In Nigeria

All businesses typically need to have a business account because of the many advantages it offers. These bank accounts aid in the separation of business and personal expenses, tax preparation, and the legal establishment of your company’s financial existence. The best business checking accounts have little or no fees, ATM accessibility, and online or mobile banking options. Additionally advantageous are accounts with interest-earning capabilities and accounts with built-in business tools.

The business accounts of a few of Nigeria’s most well-known banks as well as a few sizable internet banks are examined in this article. The top 10 banks where you should open a business account are listed below.

1. Zenith Bank

One of Nigeria’s top commercial banks and perhaps the best bank in the nation for creating a business account is Zenith Bank PLC. A reputable financial institution in Nigeria to open a business account with is Zenith Bank. The bank is renowned for helping numerous businesses and organizations achieve their objectives and increase earnings.

Zenith Bank offers specialized business accounts for groups and other businesses. This account can manage all of your regular business transactions and is easy to setup and utilize.

A Zenith Business Account must have a starting balance of 5,000 Naira in order to be opened. You will be given an ATM card if required, and you can access the account through internet banking.

2. Access Bank

A well-known financial institution that provides services to businesses is Access Bank. They are among the best banks in the nation for creating a business account because of their outstanding services.

For small businesses and sole proprietors who need an uncomplicated business account to manage day-to-day activities, the Access Bank Gold Current Account is the best option. This account must have a minimum opening balance of 5,000 Naira to be opened.

You will have unrestricted access to internet banking once it is set up, be able to withdraw an unlimited amount of money, earn interest on the balance of your account, get a free checkbook, and receive a free checkbook.

3. Guarantee Trust Bank

Another great commercial bank to open a business account with is Guarantee Trust Bank, also referred to as GTBank or GTCo. Among the services it offers are corporate banking, resource management, business banking, retail banking, and online banking. It is a large financial organization that operates globally.

The business accounts that Guarantee Trust Bank offers are the GTB Business Account, GTBank Current Account, GTBank Domiciliary Account, and GTMax Account. The bank also offers a vast array of business banking services, such as internet banking, business banking, SME banking, and much more.

4. United Bank for Africa

Unquestionably Nigeria’s most established bank and one of the best venues to open a business account is the United Bank for Africa (UBA). UBA reaches the list because to its corporate banking services for both domestic and foreign-owned businesses.

UBA Professional Account (for professionals and independent contractors), Regular UBA Current Account, Self-Employed Current Account, and Expatriate/Diaspora Accounts are a few of the company’s business accounts (for foreigners). If you have a business account with UBA, you are also qualified for extra bonuses and benefits.

5. First Bank Nigeria

The First Bank of Nigeria is supposedly the oldest commercial bank in the nation. The financial establishment has also made a name for itself as one of the best banks in the nation for creating a business account. To aid corporate clients in learning more about the services available to them as part of their usiness relationship, the bank offers a fully operational business banking department.

Given its low cost and wide applicability, the First Bank Corporate Current Account should be suited for most Nigerian small enterprises. With 10,000 Naira, you can open a First Bank Corporate Current account. The account must have been opened with 10,000 Naira, and it comes with no operational balance and no withdrawal restrictions. With this account, you’ll receive a free checkbook and have access to business loans.

6. Wema Bank Plc

Knowing that Wema Bank is the best commercial bank in Nigeria for internet banking is consoling. With their business account, you can receive a digital ledger for yourself or your company without having to visit a Wema Bank.

Wema Bank provides a range of bank account benefits for businesses and organizations. Some of their business accounts are Corporate Account, My Business Account, My Business Account Plus, Wema Treasure Account Business, Domiciliary Plus Account, and Alat by Wema (Business).

The bank also interacts with its business clients via its SME banking program.

7. Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria

Offering the most complete corporate and business banking solutions is Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria. Customers have a number of alternatives for business accounts.

For Nigerian small- and medium-sized business owners, Standard Chartered Bank offers the Business Essential Account, a premium corporate account.

This account is suitable for business financing and has no account maintenance fees. All transactions are free as long as you maintain a minimum account balance of 100,000 Naira.

8. Stanbic IBTC Bank

One of Nigeria’s most business-friendly banks is StanbicIBTC Bank. One of the best small business banking options in Nigeria is their Biz Smart Account, which is well-known. This account must have a minimum opening balance of 5,000 Naira to be opened.

With the StanbicIBTC Biz Smart account, you may receive 24/7 digital banking and business support, pay no account fees, and earn interest on your account balance.

9. Fidelity Bank

A corporate account created especially for Nigerian small enterprises is called the Fidelity Small Business Account. This Business Account will require a minimum initial balance of 10,000 Naira, which will also serve as your minimum operational balance.

Once the account is opened, it is completely eligible for small business loans and business consulting services, has no account maintenance costs, no monthly fees, and allows for unlimited withdrawals.

10. Keystone Bank

In a new generation of financial institutions, Keystone Bank Limited is a bank company. They offer business and financial services to small firms, SMEs, and individuals in addition to large corporations.

One of Nigeria’s major financial service providers, Keystone Bank Limited is an amalgamation of a few commercial banks.


Whether you are a small business owner or a large organization, banks are crucial in the business world. And if you’re in Nigeria, your top priority should be to make sure your money is in the right hands. On the other hand, picking the best bank isn’t always easy. Since what is effective for one person could not be effective for you.

Decide which features and services are most crucial to you as a consequence. A few examples are online banking, quick transfers, bank ATM costs, loan approval, network branches, customer service, and affordable prices. Those are Nigeria’s top 10 banks for opening a business account, as determined by the services provided and customer reviews.

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