List of Best Countries For Employment After Studies

If you want to study and stay in the nation where you studied, we’ve put together a list of the finest countries for post-graduate employment for you to consider. The fact that a country allows overseas students to work after graduation should be a challenge for anyone who wants to study and enroll in a course that would allow them to earn a well-paying job after graduation. It’s entirely up to you.

Best Countries For Employment After Studies

Below are the best countries for employment after studies

1. Canada

A Nigerian State Governor, notably from the southern portions of the country, awarded international scholarships of various courses and categories to students from the state’s indigenous population a few years ago. After some time, he decided to travel to the nations where the recipients are enrolled in school.

He travelled to several nations, encouraging students to return home and contribute to the growth of the country. The majority of them were delighted to reassure him that they would be willing to return home once their studies were completed. Surprisingly, when the Governor arrived in Canada, he preached the standard message of return home and serve. He received a flat-out negative response. Nobody encouraged him to return home since they had gotten assurances from Canadian officials that they would be employed with decent salary once they finished their education.

Until now, none of them has returned home. Because any international student who studies in Canada has the option to stay and work after graduation. There are mechanisms in place for any willing international students to follow that lead to Canadian citizenship in a systematic manner.

2. Norway

Any overseas student willing to study in Norway and use Norwegian as a means of employment after graduation will profit in a variety of ways:

  • After completing your courses, the Norwegian system allows you to stay and work.
  • You can study for free in Norway, and your housing and living expenses are heavily subsidised. Unlike some other nations, there is no discrimination based on your country of origin when it comes to paying school fees; everyone has the same or equal access to tuition-free education.
  • You have the option of looking for work before your student visa expires, and if you find work, the system will allow you to stay permanently, leading to permanent residency.
  • It is feasible to work in Norway, as in most Scandinavian nations, without knowing Norwegian because the majority of Norwegians speak English.
  • It is expected that if you study in Norway, you will master Norwegian and gain a better understanding of the culture and landscape, giving you an advantage in finding a well-paid career.

3. France

International students who studied in France can currently find work after graduation if they follow the proper procedures. The first responsibility you owe to yourself is to enrol in a course that is tailored to the needs of French employers. You don’t waste your time studying anyway, and you hope to get a well-paid job at the end of the day.

The French system allows an overseas student who has completed their studies in France to remain in the country temporarily while looking for work. You will be given a residency permit once the person has found work. If you work in a field that is critical to France’s national or economic needs, you can rest assured that you will be granted French citizenship soon.

That is why it is critical to take courses in areas such as healthcare, nursing, or medicine.

Recently, over 12,000 healthcare workers in France assisted in various ways during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) crisis. Nurses and other associated healthcare workers who worked for France are the majority of those who are granted French citizenship.

4. United States of America

International students who have completed their studies in the United States are permitted to work in the United States following graduation. Many Nigerians who went to the United States to enhance their education discovered that they were taking the wrong courses. Many of them are currently enrolled in healthcare-related courses. Nursing, in particular, in its numerous branches. Nursing students, whether young and old, are learning various facets of the profession. In the United States, the course is now popular.

Apart from that, the Nursing profession permits people to find work without too much difficulty or rejection from companies. Nursing is a rewarding job with a high pay scale. It allows you to develop and get valuable work experience for the future. You’re certain to have a pleasant retirement. Checkout Study In Sweden Student Visa, Fee And Amount Required For Study

5. Netherland

The Netherlands, sometimes known as Holland, is our final choice for the top countries for employment after graduation.

The Netherlands is unique in that it not only develops a workable system, but it also encourages international students to stay and look for work with a post-work visa or permit developed specifically for international students.

A foreign student can spend up to a year looking for work in the Netherlands through a programme called Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment.

When you acquire a job, you are entitled to a residence visa, and if you work for five years, you will be granted permanent residency, which is a simple path to Dutch citizenship.

6. United Kingdom

The UK Immigration Rules will change in October 2019. Unlike before Brexit, the reforms appeared to be beneficial to immigrants, particularly overseas students who plan to stay and work after graduation.

When you enter the UK on a student visa, the system permits you to stay for two years after you finish your studies. When you find a job and receive a work visa, your employer may act as your sponsor, and if you work for five years without incident, especially if you maintain a strong moral character along the way, you may apply for permanent residency, which will almost certainly lead to British citizenship.

Certainly, the United Kingdom remains one of the greatest countries for employment after graduation, and there are currently job openings for a serious-minded, able-bodied competent individual.

7. Finland

The system allows for the issuance of a temporary residence permit to any international student who has studied in Finland and intends to stay. It’s best to start the process before your student visa expires to make things easier. The residence visa is valid for one year, which is more than enough time to find work. Once you’ve found work, you’ll be given a work permit, which will lead to permanent residency if you desire to stay.

When it comes to Finland, it is true that it is not a member of the European Union. Finland now requires a workforce from non-EU nations, and the Finnish government is currently loosening its immigration regulations to accommodate non-EU immigrants.

Finland’s population is now insufficient to meet the country’s workforce needs in a variety of fields, particularly in the healthcare industry.

Non-EU citizens have a better chance of finding work in Finland than in any other Scandinavian country, including Denmark and Sweden.

Many professionals who are qualified to work in Finland are currently expressing little interest due to linguistic barriers; nevertheless, if you study in Finland, you will have a greater chance because you will be familiar with the Finnish language and culture. Best Countries For Employment

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