Best Educational Tools For Solving Numerical Problems

Education is essential for people to improve their life. In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to educate both their children and themselves.

Without a high school diploma, no one can get a work, even as a laborer in a big city.

When it comes to tackling numerical educational challenges, students and others have difficulty. Mathematics, statistics, physics, and chemistry can all be used to solve these numerical challenges. Some of these disciplines’ concepts, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, mean, and mole, are at the students’ fingertips.

Some problems require lengthy computations, and pupils grow frightened when faced with such massive calculations. Despite the fact that they do not comprehend every topic in the school.

They were desperate and acquired a supply in that subject after they realized I couldn’t solve such enormous computations.

Furthermore, they received poor grades since they were unable to complete their projects and experiments. Hundreds of internet tools have been built to assist students who have given up and believe they will fail their examinations because they are unable to understand arithmetic.

The online calculators provide step-by-step answers to the problems. Students can utilize these tools to learn the fundamentals of any topic simply by reading the tool’s text and looking at the tools’ solved examples.

In this article, we’ll go through the four top instructional resources for pupils that need to tackle numerical issues. Students can use these resources to complete their assignments and study for exams.

1. Allmath.Com

AllMath is a math-related website with over 370 instructional resources. This website’s tools are used to answer numerical issues in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and statistics.

AllMath offers several tools like:

  • Derivative calculator
  • Limit calculator
  • Arithmetic sequence calculator
  • Harmonic mean calculator
  • Angular acceleration calculator
  • Variance
  • Avogadro’s number calculator
  • Mole calculator

AllMath’s tools are extremely useful for addressing a variety of numerical issues in chemistry, physics, statistics, and mathematics. For instance, if a student has to find the derivative of a function, he must go to this site and type derivative calculator into the search box.

When the derivative tool is open, all he has to do is enter the data into the input box, and the results will appear in no time. He can also take the function’s second, third, and so on derivatives. He can copy, download, or print the required output of the supplied function after it has been calculated.

Similarly, any student who has to solve a numerical problem can go to our site and look for the calculator they need, then type their answer into the input field. The outcome must be presented in a step-by-step manner and in accordance with the relevant topic’s formulas.

This tool is free to use and does not limit students to only solving three inputs before requiring a premium subscription to solve additional questions. On this platform, students can solve an unlimited number of problems at any moment.

2. Calculatorschool.Com

Calculatorschool is another another educational resource that can help pupils find answers to their numerical challenges. There are 26 sections on this website that cover practically every educational and daily life calculation.

Calculatorschool includes instructional categories for solving numerical calculations of problems like algebra, chemistry, area, physics, matrix, unit conversions, and many others. This website shows you how to get the result in a step-by-step format.

Here are some of the resources available from this source

  • Geometric progression calculator
  • Standard deviation calculator
  • Average mean calculator
  • Equivalent fraction calculator
  • Mixed fraction calculator
  • Barrel volume calculator
  • Dilution of solutions calculator
  • Product to sum calculator
  • Root mean square calculator

Students who are unfamiliar with the topic on which the problems are based can study the content of the required tool to learn the fundamentals of the subject in the homework or assignment. They can also use these tools’ solved examples to learn how to apply the formula to solve problems.

This site, like AllMath, does not charge any fees and allows students to solve any issue for free. Students can also use this site to prepare for tests because it contains all of the tool content.

3. Slopecalculator.Io

A slope calculator is an online tool for determining the sharpness of a line by measuring the slope of geometrical forms. This application is extremely useful for students who need to address slope-related difficulties.

This utility provides two techniques for calculating the slope:

  • Two points
  • Line equation

Students must select the needed method, either two points or line equation, and then enter the given question into the input box and click the calculate button to get the solution in a short amount of time.

Students who wish to learn everything there is to know about this subject can read the slope calculator’s content.

This tool also provides some other results like:

  • Angle
  • Distance
  • x-intercept
  • y-intercept
  • Percentage grade

This tool is free to use, and there is no charge for solving problems using it.

4. Gcfcalculator.Net

The greatest common factor calculator is a tool for calculating the greatest common factor of a series of numbers. This calculator can be used to solve issues involving factors and prime factors, as well as to calculate the greatest common division of two or more numbers.

This calculator offers three ways to solve the problems. Such as:

  • List of factors method
  • Prime factorization method
  • Division method
  • Upside down division method

Students who want to find the greatest common divisor of two numbers must enter comma-separated values in the input box, choose the needed method, then click the calculate button to get the answer to the issue.

The GCF calculator provides the answer in a step-by-step manner, with various stages for different approaches each time. Even if the problem is solved using several approaches, the result stays the same. This utility also calculates the least common multiple of the input numbers without taking any steps.


In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the four top educational websites for students who need to solve numerical problems in a variety of subjects. Students can use these websites to solve problems from their homework or assignments.

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