Top 10 Best Movie Industries In the World

Movies play an important role in making the world a better place to live. Imagine life without movies and entertainment! We become dull boys. Just as the saying goes, “All work without play makes John a dull boy”. It is necessary that we invest our time in having entertainment from the best movie industries in the world.

Best Movie Industries In the World

Best Movie Industries In the World

1.  Hollywood

The United States and Canada have one of the world’s best movie industries, having generated $11.4 billion in 2016, which they didn’t just generate from their features but rather from the payment of tickets from the audience who would want to watch their display. And as it is, $10 billion was generated by Hollywood. Other industries in the United States and Canada include Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and AMC.

2. Chinese movie industry

The Chinese movies that have really drawn young men and children in March are the second-top movie industry in the world, which had about $6.6 billion in 2016. Meanwhile, the industry is in a fight to obtain about 32 percent, but has experienced little of that compared to years ago, and by no means can it be compared with Hollywood movies. However, the most prominent movie studio in China is Hangdia World Studios

3. British film industry

There is no doubt that the United Kingdom’s movie industry has had the support of the government through the reduction of taxes on the industry. This aspect earned the industry about $6.5 million in 2016. In fact, most of the movies are in line with moral lessons and have the best studio in Pinewood Studio.

4. Japanese movie industry

The history of the Japanese movie industry lies in the economic growth of the country and the tax charges by the government that have resulted in the industry’s falling from $2 billion dollars, which it acquired in 2016. Aside from that, the importation of some foreign films, as well as the participation of Chinese films in the Japanese film industry, contributed to this. Though the cinema industry of Japan was one of the first industries in the world to start production around 1987,

5. Bollywood

Speaking of the Indian movie industry, they are the ones that have the highest production rate of movies but little money generation in the sense that they can produce using their language partner, whereas they use about 15 languages in the production of movies.

But most of its products are either in Hindi or English, which can make them easy to access while buying. Another fact is that Bollywood is the largest film industry in India that produces films in the Hindi language. They have few film screens compared to those of the other parts. This is despite the fact that they made approximately $1.9 billion in 2016.

6. World box office

This is one of the movie industries that could have beaten the US and Canada as they made about $38.6 billion in 2016, while the US and Canada generated revenue of $11.4 billion but later had it dropped. That even affected the global industry in the Chinese industry, which went from 48% growth to a 3.8 growth rate. That is why the Chinese movie industry is still suffering from its imbalance.

7. South Korean movie

South Korean cinema has also served as one of the world’s trending movie industries, particularly in its most important industries such as K-pop and Korean horror.South Koreans, on the other hand, South Koreans generated approximately $1.7 billion in revenue in 2016.
It was created in 1945 and has been one of the longest-lasting movie industries in the world.

8. France movie industry

The French film industry, which has been in existence since 1895 and earns approximately $1.4 billion per year, is also well-known for its amazing features and genres. You can imagine how big and large the industry would be ever since its creation, yet it was the best of all.

9. German movie industry

Just like the French and German movie industries, the movie industry has come a long way since it was created in 1895 and is among the top industries in the world, starting with a little clip of a movie before the world could have it in large. The box office has generated approximately $1.3 billion in revenue for the industry.

10. Iran movie

Iran is one of the last top ten movie industries in the world. It couldn’t be among the industry’s more fascinating attractions because the viewers have made it so in the sense that it is well recognized in the world with claims of awards but has little in revenue generation.

Source: nyscinfo

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