Best Way to charge phones in NYSC Camp (PowerPorte)

Best way to charge phones in NYSC orientation camp

There is no doubt that NYSC orientation camp is not a place of comfort. This is a place where you have no time of your own. Time to rest, eat, sleep, parade, and more will be decided by soldiers. The worse part is that there’s no provision to charge phones; no socket in hostels, pavellion and other places accessible to corps members. In this post, you will learn the best way to charge your phones in NYSC orientation camp.

The reason there is no provision to charge phones in NYSC orientation camp is best known to camp officials. However, corps members in NYSC orientation camp need their phones to be fully charged to be able to receive calls from friends and relations, take selfie, post pictures in NYSC khaki on social media, and more.

As we all know, low battery life is unavoidable in smartphones; running apps, making calls, using Wi-Fi, and a quick processor all need support from a powerful battery.

Best way to charge phones in NYSC Camp (PowerPorte)

Since there is no provision to charge phones in camp hostels, corps members have no option than to go to camp market (Mammy market) where they pay to charge their phones. This has been until the arrival of PowerPorte Company. PowerPorte Company has stand in some NYSC camps, they will give you power bank to charge your phone, when the power bank runs down, you return it to powerporte stand, and pick another power bank.

Today, PowerPorte has proven to be the best way to charge phones in NYSC Orientation camp.

“POWERPORTE is a tech company that deliver specialized technology solutions to solve problems in global industries and major sectors of the economy.

“Our automated smart power bank dispensing station enables users to dispense a power bank anywhere and anytime.

“Using the Powerporte app available on the Play Store and Apple app store, a user can scan the QR code on the Powerporte station. A full charge power bank pops out and ready to use and power up your phone on the go.

“Support Apple and Android devices with lightning, C-type and Micro USB Cable neatly fit on both sides of the power bank. Powerporte technology is MFI, CB, FCC, CE, RoHS certified.

“Powerporte Power bank sharing and rental ecosystem technology are developed to solve the commonly experienced battery depletion problem as a result of frequent usage of our Smart mobile devices for daily routine.

“Providing battery charging solutions with extremely low costs and a plethora of usage benefits; Powerporte brings you unparalleled convenience.

“Powerporte Stations is to be available at all transport hubs, public malls, restaurants, Airports, Institutions, Worship centers, Banks, Offices, NYSC camps, and major 24/7 locations. You no longer need to carry around bulky power banks or panic when you have a low battery percentage or reduced functionality on your Smart mobile device.

“To unlock one, you just need to scan the QR code on the machine and it automatically allocates a charged battery pack for use.

How to use Powerporte power banks rental service

  1. Download Powerporte App.

  2. Load your wallet by using your bank card or purchase a voucher from a vendor

  3. Scan the QR Code to rent a fully charged power bank

  4. Return after Use to an available station close to you.

Why choose Powerporte

  1. Quick Charge – Phone can be charged in 45mins -1.5 hours fully

  2. Instant Rent – Users can rent power banks by scanning the QR Code on the station, billing starts after 5mins of free rental. Monitor usage on the app.

  3. Simple Return – Return the power bank by slotting it into the station vent. Your billing stop and your records are displayed on the app.

  4. In-App Notification – In-app notification to inform and remind users of their usage and when users forget to return the power bank.

  5. Google Map: Powerporte Map help you locate a Powerporte vendor close to you and to return after use.

  6. Handy Power Bank- Smart Power bank is lightweight with 5000 mAh capacity and can be held by one hand.

  7. Three-In-One Charging Cables – Fitted with the latest Lightning cable for Apple, C-type and Micro USB cables can be charged by Powerporte power bank.

  8. Safety Guaranteed – Powerporte technology is MFI, CB, FCC, CE, RoHS certified.

  9. Environmental-Friendly – Powerporte Power bank is made from economical engineering plastic with impact resistance, strength, Hazard free, fireproof and heat resistance.

Special Promotional offer for all Corp Members

We have a special promotional offer for all NYSC corp member. They can subscribe with N3,000 to have a Powerporte smart power bank daily throughout their duration in camp. All they need do is download the Powerporte app and signup. Come to camp with N3,000 and locate Powerporte Stand to purchase a promo voucher and start rental.

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