Beware of this Fake N-Power Shortlisting Website

Scammers are at it again but we are faster than them this time. They want to take advantage of the ongoing Npower shortlisting for physical verification of credentials to defraud unspecting N-Power applicants.

Please, ensure you share this post after reading it, so as to inform innocent Nigerians that are being targeted by these unscrupulous elements.

Take a look at this message below:

If you are not careful you might think it is from N-power. But it is a scam site with the aim of getting your name, e-mail address and phone number. As if that is not enough, they would also ask you to share the information on WhatsApp groups as to get that of your friends too.

We played along with them by entering wrong information on the fake site to see what they are up to. According to our findings, they are out to extract your personal details, which they would use against you in the future.

Please, patiently wait for the authentic Npower website to start functioning well. If you can’t open nasims portal or you been seeing blank page, <<Click Here>> for solution.

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