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This post is about Bayelsa State government and Bayelsa Free Agricultural Training Empowerment Initiative (BFATEI) for Bayelsa State residents. As is our norm on this informative website, you must be the first to know of any empowerment programme in Nigeria and beyond. We bring it to you as it breaks from any organization in Nigeria.

The Government of Bayelsa State has launched a groundbreaking agricultural scheme for the residents of Bayelsa, who are interested in farming. This initiative is called Bayelsa Free Agricultural Training Empowerment Initiative (BFATEI) and the government is inviting application from interested individuals.

What is BFATEI?

BFATEI is a brainchild of a partnership of young, prominent citizens of Bayelsa State, who are concerned about the rate of unemployment in the state. This group of individuals came up with this initiative to support the government’s agricultural agenda to boost agricultural activities in the state by improving the technical knowledge on the production and breeding of catfish, snail and poultry. Basically, participants will be equipped with all necessary tools for startup.

Who are the Sponsors of this Initiative?

As we already stated, the birth of this initiative was because of the combined effort of prominent citizens of Bayelsa State. This initiative is being sponsored by Hon. Chief Michael Magbisa (Bayelsa West PDP Vice Chairman) Hon. Barr. Festus Daumiebi Sunday, and Hon. Ebiegberi Diri. Their aim, don’t forget, is to support the effort of the government to increase agricultural production.

What are the Skills to be taught?

• Fish Farming

• Snail Farming

• Poultry Farming

What are the Benefits of Participation?

• Free registration

• Free training

• Instant start-up tools after training

What are the Requirements for Eligibility?

This is very simple. All you need to be a part of this initiative is to either be a citizen of Bayelsa State on a resident of the state. There is no discrimination.

How to Apply for Bfatei Initiative and be Trained

If you want to take advantage of this initiative to join the league of farmers who are making it big in Nigeria, the visit the initiative’s official website at  to submit your application.


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