BOA Agric & Non-Agric Loans: How To Apply

The Nigerian Agricultural Bank (NAB) was established in 1972, and the Bank of Agriculture (BOA) Limited was established in 1973.

The mandate of the BOA is as follows:

1) Agricultural finance to support all aspects of the agricultural value chain, as well as non-agricultural microcredit

2) Mobilization of savings

3) Capacity building through the promotion of cooperatives, agricultural information systems, and technical assistance and extension services.

4) Creation of self-employment opportunities in rural areas, hence minimizing rural-urban migration.

5) Banking practices are instilled at the base level of Nigerian society.

How To Apply

Please be aware that the BOA Online Loan Application is currently unavailable. Once the E-commerce/Banking portals are ready for usage, customers or users will be alerted properly. As a result, consumers should go to the nearest BOA branch for any type of bank transaction. Impostors should be avoided at all costs.

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Click Here to learn more about BOA’s agricultural and non-agricultural loan services for businesses and individuals.

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Updated: April 20, 2022 — 8:39 am

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