Bone Straight Hair Price and Why every Girl wants it

Bone Straight wig is one of the latest hair wig trending in social media in recent week. In this post, we shall look at Bone Straight hair price in Nigeria, and everything you need to know about the wig.

Bone Straight Hair Price
Bone Straight – Every Girl’s Dream!

Recently a popular Nigerian singer, Tenimakanaki joined the trend. She posted a picture of herself in social media where she rock Bone Straight hair.

Bone Straight has become part of Christmas trend amongst Nigerian celebrities and slay queens, who rock the wig to intimidate other ladies that can’t afford it.

What is Bone Straight Hair?

Bone straight is a thin straight hair wig that is very sleek. This type of wig is made from human hair and knotted all-through. It comes in different lengths, from 8 inches to as long as 30 inches or even more.

Why every girl wants Bone Straight?

Bone Straight hair is believed to be made from Vietnamese and Cambodian woman’s hair. It’s of very high quality because of the texture of their hair. Born Straight can be re-styled and heat resistant when flat iron is used on them, which is one reason every girl wants one.

Another reason most girls want Bone Straight is because of the price tag. It is not cheap compared to other wig. So low class babes don’t wear the wig.

What is the Price of Bone Straight hair in Nigeria?

The cost of Bone Straight hair in Nigeria range from N60,000 to N500,000 depending on the type, length, and gram that you want.

Type of Bone Straight hair

  • Single Drawn: This type of Bone Straight has different lengths of hair mixed. It is very thick from the top, reduces in the middle while the end is thin. It is the cheapest type of Bone Straight in the market.
  • Double Drawn: It is a type of Bone Straight that usually of the same length. It is thick from the top, middle and end. This type more expensive than Single Drawn type.
  • Super Double Drawn: This type is the thickest hair. It has about 90% amount of hair strands that have the same length.

When you wear double drawn type, it would be like your natural hair because of the texture. So we recommend Double Dawn for every Nigeria girl.

Where to buy Bone Straight Hair in Nigeria

You can buy the wig from any human hair or wig vendor that has suppliers from Asian Countries such as China, Vietnam, etc. But durable and reliable come from Vietnam.

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