Business That Can Fetch You Money In Kaduna State While NLC Strike is On

Do you reside in Kaduna State and wish to make cool cash while the NLC Strike is on? If ‘yes’ then why not go through this post to get the necessary information about the businesses.

The current situation in Kaduna State is not encouraging, due to the fact that the State government is working on an alleged ‘reform plan’ that seems to be unknown, and also the disengagement of four thousand (4,000) staff. This made the Kaduna State chapter of NLC to embark on five (5) days warning strike.

The warning strike imposed by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Kaduna State has really crippled the economy, especially for the fact that most relevant public infrastructures are being closed down (i.e Schools, Health Centres, Fuel Stations), and also unavailability of power supply.

Those residing in the State are now battling fervently to get things back to norm, but to no avail. Hence, hardship is now the result of the whole situation to lots of residence.
Undermining how hard things are in the State due to the NLC strike, those who have the ability to think out of the box are making cool cash from some soft business they opt into.
For this reason, we have decided to unveil several business that can fetch you money during this period;

  1. Selling of Fuel: As at current, all filling stations are shot down due to the strike which makes it difficult for people to easily purchase it. Trading on fuel business as black marketer will make you some cool cash, as majority of persons needs it, especially petrol on daily basis.

  2. Phone Charging: For the fact that power supply has been taken off till further notice, those who are into phone charging centres/points will be making cool cash this period, based on the fact that everyone needs their phones charged, especially the average man that doesn’t have generators in their home.

  3. Transportation: Definitely, such situations always bring about high rate of transportation. And most people can’t get to their destination by foot due to the distance and will have no other option than to pay whichever amount charged. It therefore means that transporters are making good money this period.

  4. Water: The basic factors that will make those rendering water supply service as a source of income or their business to make it is due to the fact that there is scarcity of fuel, and no power supply in the State. Whereas, everyone needs water on daily basis, which will make them still go for it no matter the cost.

  5. Laundry Service: Since most persons don’t have means to press (iron) their clothes, nor water to wash their clothes, those who are into laundry business will definitely make it big this period as they will likely have more customers.

Our readers can do well to give their own views, and advice regarding the type of business that can yield awesome outcome in Kaduna State due to the current strike, by making use of the comment box. You can also share this post via other social media platforms.

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