Call For Application: Unsigned Only 2024 Music Competition

Artists from all across the world are encouraged to enter the Unsigned Only 2024 Music Competition.

This annual event is available to solo artists and bands from across the world, and it acts as a platform for musicians from all over the world who want to acquire visibility, fame, and the attention of industry professionals, as well as the possibility of landing a major record deal.

The competition’s primary goal is to find great performers, whether they are novices or veterans, polished or raw abilities – the ‘jewel’ that needs to be discovered.

Five winners have been signed to record deals since Unsigned Only’s inception eight years ago, making Unsigned Only a source for moving emerging talent into major label record deals.


Diversity resonates through Unsigned Only’s numerous categories and genres, ensuring every artist finds a suitable avenue. The Screen Shot category opens doors for songs fitting into films, TV shows, video games and other licensing opportunities.

Entrants are encouraged to submit multiple songs across various categories, enabling the listening committee to grasp the entirety of the artist’s musical persona.

The spectrum of categories includes:

  • AAA (Adult album alternative)
  • AC (Adult contemporary)
  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Christian
  • Country
  • EDM (Electronic dance music)
  • Folk/singer-songwriter
  • Instrumental
  • Jazz
  • Latin Music
  • Pop/Top 40
  • R&B/Hip hop
  • Rock
  • Screen shot (original songs for film/TV/advertising/gaming)
  • Teen (for artists aged 18 and younger)
  • Vocal performance
  • World music

Prizes And Recognition

A cash prize of $20 000 will be awarded to the overall winner, accompanied by a host awards and services meticulously designed to elevate artists’ careers forward. First place and second place winners will also be acknowledged within each category. The first place victor in the Screen Shot category will additionally receive mentoring from industry experts specialised in placing songs in visual media.

How To Submit Your Entry

To participate in the competition, artists can choose from two submission methods:

Online entries:

  • Visit the competition website and submit on
  • Entrants can share their MP3, M4A files or provide links to their music available online.

Mail-in entries:

  • Complete the entry form, ensuring an original signature (photocopies accepted).
  • Songs can be submitted on CD or tape. For multiple songs or categories, consolidate them if possible.
  • CDs should be in regular-sized cases with the entrant’s name on the spine and CD. Tape cases should be labelled on the spine.
  • Provide a track listing. Include lyrics for each entry, with English translations if necessary.
  • Include your email address in the lyrics.

Entry Fees And Deadlines

The entry fee varies depending on songs, categories and deadlines:

  • Early bird deadline: 27 September 2023 – $25 per entry
  • Regular deadline: 24 January 2024 – $30 per entry
  • Extended deadline: 27 April 2024 – $35 per entry

Rules And Communication Timeline

Unsigned Only entrants retain ownership rights to their original songs. By entering, participants release Unsigned Only, its sponsors, and judges from liability.

The competition’s timeline includes contact in January 2024 for all applicants, notifications for non-selected artists, and the staggered announcement of chosen performers in February and March 2024.


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