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How To Make Money From Hawkit App

Hawkit App

Would you be interested in making money solely with your phone and data? You can do it using a certain app. Hawkit is an online earning and commerce platform that enables you to make money by carrying out small jobs. You can view the instructions for using the Hawkit app to make money here. How […]

List Of Accredited Banks For Applying For FMBN NHF Mortgage Loans

MBN NHF Mortgage Loans

Authorized Banks For FMBN NHF Mortgage Loan Applications – The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria has issued a warning to the public against false and misleading information on applications for FMBN housing loans that can be found in sponsored social media material. The FMBN Vision is to be Nigerians’ chosen mortgage provider, giving them dependable, […]

Where To Apply For FMBN NHF Mortgage Loans In Nigeria


Are you interested in applying for FMBN NHF Mortgage loans in Nigeria? Here we will list the authorized banks for FMBN NHF Mortgage Loans. The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) has warned Nigerians against misleading information on social media sponsored by scammers regarding applications for FMBN housing loans. FMBN is an institution that provides […]

5 Problems Of Saving And How To Resolve Them

Saving, as simple as it may seem, is more difficult to implement. In order to continuously save, you essentially need to develop financial discipline, which can be challenging for many people. Additionally, there are still some issues with saving money that could prevent you from reaching your goal even if you are financially responsible. You […]

10 Ways To Boost Your Savings Before 2023

The foundation of a sound financial lifestyle is savings. Your chances of achieving financial independence early in life are higher the more money you are able to save (and invest wisely). You should discover some strategies for increasing your savings if you are already saving but it is still insufficient. Here are some guidelines to […]

List of NMFB Branches To Get CBN Loan

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB)

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) is on a mission to become a highly efficient national microfinance bank in Nigeria that offers inexpensive products and services while employing innovative technology and a highly motivated workforce. This post offers a list of NIRSAL Microfinance Bank branches in Nigeria where you can apply for the CBN Covid-19 Loan or […]

Best Banks For Child Investment Account In Nigeria

There is no upper age restriction when it comes to investing. Investing is open to anyone, regardless of age or status. In fact, your chances of generating respectable returns increase the earlier you begin investing. Therefore, it only makes sense to begin saving for your children as soon as feasible. You will discover a few […]

5 Loans Entrepreneurs Should Consider for Business Growth

Loans Entrepreneurs Can Consider for Business Growth

Do you have your personal business firm and wishes to get financial help from a trusted and reliable banking/non-banking institution? As an Entrepreneur, are you finding it hard to access loans? If ‘yes’, ensure you read this post till the end to get a broader knowledge on the loans entrepreneurs can consider for business growth […]

RenMoney Loan Application Portal [Apply Here]

Renmoney loan

If your are looking for a platform to get instant cash loan in Nigeria, then consider Renmoney. Renmoney is a Microfinance bank based in Lagos Nigeria that offers loans to Nigerians without asking for collateral or guarantor. They have been providing business and personal loans since 2012, and over 300,000 loans have been provided by […]

How To Get U.S Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

You may already be eligible for student debt forgiveness if you hold a full-time position with a non-profit organization or a U.S. federal, state, local, or tribal government. To qualify, you must complete 120 payments under a qualified repayment plan, which need not be consecutive. Since it takes at least 10 years to obtain, this […]