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6 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Career

factors to consider when choosing a career

It is indeed obvious that people desires success in life especially in their choosing career. This is not limited with desiring success alone but discovering necessary elements to achieve the same is very crucial. In this article, we shall look at six (6) important factors to consider when choosing a career. Now, does everyone succeed […]

How to write best winning CV in Nigeria

CV in Nigeria

For an effective chances of being considered for employments, medical and non medical internships or industrial attachment. It is advised to write a good sellable CV in Nigeria in a manner that will suit prospective employers. It is no news that most Nigerians don’t pay keen attention in adding main key points in writing their […]

How To Easily Become Nollywood Actor/Actress

How To Easily Become Nollywood Actor/Actress

Nollywood is a Nigeria’s number one movie industry which has grown tremendously in the past decades. In this post, you will learn how to easily become Nollywood actor/actress. The existence of movie streaming platforms such as Iroko, Netflix, YouTube and many others have promoted the success and fame of nollywood actors as nollywood movies are […]