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Top 7 Best Job Websites In Nigeria And Their World Ranking

Top 100 job search mistakes to avoid

As Nigerian universities continue to produce large numbers of graduates every year, the scarcity of jobs in the country becomes more prevalent. The numbers of available jobs is extremely below the numbers of graduates seeking for jobs. Because of this, underemployment and outright unemployment has become a dominant discourse in Nigeria, as graduates instead go […]

How To Convert Naira To Pounds At CBN Exchange Rate

CBN Naira 4 Dollar Scheme

Nigerians who always travel to the United Kingdom for work, study, business and other important reasons are required to have the appropriate currency to be able to conduct transactions in their host country without any issues. Whereas Nigeria uses Naira as its official currency, the United Kingdom uses the Great Britain Pounds as it official […]

How To Apply For Wema Bank Bankers-in-Training Program

Wema Bank Collateral-Free SME Loans

Wema Bank plc, is one of the innovative banks around when it comes to the banking sector of Nigeria. The bank which was founded on the 2nd of May 1945, has kept its unique status for the past 75 years. The bank is seen to be a future bank, as it has proven so by […]

How To Become FirstMonie Agent (By Firstbank)

How To Become FirstMonie Agent

The First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) has created over 280,000 jobs across Nigeria through its Firstmonie (mobile money agent) program. This initiative has helped to reduce unemployment rate in the country. Firstmonie is a service provided by FBN in which an agent who is in partnership with the Bank provides mobile services to the bank’s customers who dislike going […]

Top Freelance Websites To Make Money In Nigeria

freelance websites to make money in Nigeria

In our quest to ensure that our esteemed readers have access to information they can use to improve their standards of living, by deploying the whatever skills they have (writing, designing, programming, etc.) and getting paid a huge amount for the skills, we consistently research new opportunities in the freelance jobs industry and share information […]

Tips For Finding Clients As A Freelance Web Developer

One of the toughest things for a freelance web developer, as we have discovered, is selling yourself to clients who are in need of your services. While you may possess excellent skills that qualifies you for the job, if you do not know how to sell yourself to clients, you may well end up getting […]

Tips For Building A Strong Web Developer Resume

Web Developer Resume Template

In our previous article, “web developer resume template“, we highlighted how you can format a winning web developer resume and promised that we would share tips for building a strong resume in the next article. Well, this is that article we promised you we would write. As the technology industry continue to lead the economy […]

Web Developer Resume Template That Will Get You Employed

Web Developer Resume Template

Web Developer Resume Template: Every day, more people are learning coding as the demand for programmers continue to be on the rise in a world that is increasingly going digital. In fact, coders or programmers and web developers are the ones shaping the map of the new world, and this is being done by the […]

Firstbank Nigeria Recruitment 2021 – Apply Now!

Apply for Firstbank Nigeria Recruitment

Have you ever dreamt of working in the banking sector? Do you have what it takes to be part of a banking firm? Well, a chance has come for you to apply for a massive recruitment, that only come once in a while. Firstbank of Nigeria Ltd. is a banking firm (financial institute) that was […]

Top 10 Skills to Learn in Nigeria as A Graduate

Skills to learn in Nigeria

Skills are the ability to do a job or task very well. Since white collar job is difficult to get in Nigeria, it’s necessary for every graduate to acquire at least a skill. In this post, we shall look at the top 10 skills to learn in Nigeria as a graduate. Also check out Top 7 […]