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“Charlie Charlie are you there?” is a new trending thing on social media with most Nigerians using the hashtag, #CharlieCharlie to join the Charlie challenge. The game has been long it started, but it’s trending in Nigeria as if it is something that started just yesterday.

The Charlie Charlie game involves two balanced pencils on top of each other, with a paper placed underneath the pencils written “Yes” or “No” in the sectors made by the pencils. See image below;

Charlie Charlie are you thereAfter balancing two pencils as shown above, a player will now ask question which is “Charlie Charlie are you there?”. “Charlie” which is a paranormal entity will move the pencil to “yes” or “no” direction. If moved to the “yes”, the person could ask further questions to be answered by the movement of the pencil.

Many Nigerians are playing the “Charlie Charlie” game despite a claim by some people that it is demonic.

What is Charlie Charlie?

Charlie Charlie is Ouija board-like game where players write “Yes and No” on paper, and balance two pencils on the paper.

Players divide one piece of paper into four quadrants, label each side with either “Yes” or “No”. Then put one pencil on one line, and balance another pencil on top, and say “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” If Charlie answer, the top pencil will move to either “yes” or “no”.

You can also ask Charlie other questions, like “Charlie, will I pass my exam?”, “Charlie, will I get money?”, Charlie will I marry this year, etc.

Origin of the Charlie Charlie game

Several reports claimed the game originated in Mexico. This is because one of the most re-tweeted videos about Charlie Charlie, is from one popular Mexican beer brand with Spanish write “yes” and “no” on the body.

Is Charlie Charlie Demonic?

Some people claimed that “Charlie” is one demonic Mexican child who died. And some said it is a Mexican demon or pagan god or the victim of some kind of violent crime. But none of these claims has been confirmed to be true.

Also, some people believed that Charlie is a ghost or spirit from hell that answers the questions by moving a pencil to “yes” or “no” direction. However, has verified that no demon in Mexico is called “Charlie”.

What actually makes the pencils to move?

A life scientist, Elizabeth Palermo, explained that the pencils may not balance well on top of each other, therefore, if small wind blows, it moves the pencil. She said, because of unstable structure, the pencils bound to move.

Watch Charlie Charlie video below;

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