Common Mistakes To Avoid Before Next Stage of NEXIT

Did you register for Nexit program? Are you aware that the next stage of the program is close-by? Thus, we decided to bring to your notice possible mistakes that can stop any applicant from making it to the next stage, and how to avoid such mistakes.

Recently, it was made known by the Special Assistant to the minister of Humanitarian Affairs Mrs. Nneka .I. that all those having email validation issues, should confirm their mailbox for the validation mail, as their issue had being attended to. This means that their problems have been rectified, and they are ready for the next stage of the program.

Although, some applicants are yet to send their complaint using the instructed format, but since the portal is still open for registration they can still do the needful.

As a result of this, we have decided to enlighten all applicants on the possible mistakes they can encounter in the portal, and how to overcome such mistakes.

Common mistakes to avoid before Next Stage of NEXIT

The mistakes includes;

  1. Forgetting login details: There are some applicants who register early on the portal, and hardly re-login to access their profile. There is great tendency that such applicant can easily forget either the email used during registration, or the password. Such mistake should be avoided, and the best way to avoid error like that is by penning them down on a diary, or a notebook app in your phone.

  2. Failure to update records: It was made compulsory by the Nexit program, that all applicants should ensure they update their record after confirming their email. Several applicants did just that, but some still ignore this very step. It should be made known that failure to update record means disqualification for such applicant.

  3. Security code: During registration, a security question was asked should in case an applicant forgets his/her password. The answer given serves as the pass code for that very security question, so it shouldn’t be forgotten for any reason.

  4. Confirming all inputted data: It is very important to check your profile to see if you made any minor error while filling the registration form, as such error(s) i.e misspelling of names, ID number etc. can get you screened out, and miss the next stage of the program.

If all these mistakes can be averted, there is no way an applicant won’t get to the next stage.
We hope every successful candidate gets to the next stage, and those with unresolved issues to get theirs solved while the portal is still open.

6 thoughts on “Common Mistakes To Avoid Before Next Stage of NEXIT”

  1. Dear Sir /madam I have written my complain regarding to mail issue for more than 4 times but I’m still yet to get respond. Please sort out thanks

  2. waaleton Iakinah

    inability to edit updated record. I have written several mails to with an attachment of the record update page.
    thanks while waiting for your response.

    Waaleton Iakinah

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