Cost Of Police Clearance For Traveling Outside Nigeria

If you have any plan of living Nigeria legally, either for studies abroad or for business, you need to read this article to the end, because it contains very useful information about getting clearance from the Nigerian Police Force, as well as the amount it will cost you to secure the important document.

Before anyone can travel out of Nigeria, there are important protocols that such a person must follow, and one of such protocols is to approach the Nigerian police for a clearance certificate or report.

The certificate will show that you have not been found to have committed any crime and you are not considered being likely to pose a security threat for the country you are traveling to. Additionally, the report shows that you have been given the all-clear to cross the borders of your country into another. While you and a lot of others do not know about this, it is one of the essential documents you must have before you will be allowed to leave Nigeria.

Now, the question you might ask is, what is the cost of this Police Character Certificate, and how can I get it?

Simply put, the cost of police clearance in Nigeria is the amount charged by the police authority for issuing a clearance to an intending traveler outside of Nigeria. To accurately determine how much the Nigerian police charge to issue this certificate will be difficult, because the force does not disclose publicly the cost of securing one. That is why we can’t independently say how much you will require having when visiting the police to request for the report.

However, we can give you an insight into what you should expect, and our insight is based on the amount that people who have gotten it before were charged. In Nigeria, the cost of acquiring the police clearance certificate ranges from N3,5000 – N10,000. Although this price may not be the same amount that is obtainable in other places.

For instance, an online report once stated that someone was charged N30,000 somewhere for the same police report. This goes to confirm that indeed the charges varies, maybe according to each police stations and where there are located.

How can I get the Police traveling clearance in Nigeria?

You can apply in person by visiting any force CID, Police Criminal Registry, Alagbon, Lagos. You can also apply in any state through the Nigerian website.

What are the requirement for getting a police traveling clearance?

• Valid international passport

• Two recent passport photographs

• Application fees

• Any other important travel documents


Once you have fulfilled on the requirements, including payment of the charges, your clearance certificate could be issued on the same day, especially if you apply at the Criminal Registry office in Lagos. For those who apply through the state police command, you are likely to get it within 5-7 days.

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