Latest Price Of Motorcycle In Nigeria

Motorcycle is the easiest means of transportation in Nigeria. First, for the ease with which it could navigate the nooks and crannies of the streets, and second, for its speed. Apart from that, it also serves as a means by which many young Nigerians have become self-employed as motorcycle business popularly known as ‘Okada’ is one of the biggest businesses in Nigeria today, especially because of the lack of enough jobs for the exploding population. Here we will show you the latest price of motorcycle in Nigeria.

Latest Prices Of Motorcycle In NigeriaOkada is a major stakeholder in the Nigerian transportation industry as it is involved in the day-to-day movement of people across Nigerian cities and rural areas. It is the most popular and as well the most common system of transportation in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. For the purpose of this post however, we will be more concerned with the cost of motorcycles in Nigeria.

The latest price of Motorcycle in Nigeria

Being that Nigeria, because of its enormous population, is the biggest market for the motorcycle business in Africa, inquiry about the prices of motorcycle is very high. As a result, we consider it will be very helpful to our esteemed readers and the general public to research and come up with the latest, correct cost of different models of motorcycle in Nigeria. As demands for bikes continue to soar, the prices also increase each day. Therefore, it is important you know the prices of the most common brands of bikes in Nigeria.

Costs of brand new motorcycles in Nigeria

Below is the cost of motorcycle/okada by brand in Nigeria:

Qlink motorcycle brand

  • Qlink Champion 200A: N320,000 – N350,000.
  • Qlink Cruiser: N300,000 – N370,000.
  •  Qlink Ranger: N370,000 – N400,000.

Bajaj motorcycle brand

  • Bajaj Pulsar AS150: N320,000 – N350,000.
  • Bajaj V15: N200,000 – N230,000.
  • Bajaj Discover 125F: N170,000 – N200,000.

Jincheng motorcycyle brand

  • Jincheng JC Series: N250 000 – N350,000.

Honda motorcycyle brand

  • Honda CG Series: N250,000 – N350,000.


Based on the latest market research, the prices highlighted above are the latest according to the motorcycle brands. While there may be little differences as the prices may change, we expect the prices will not go way up than the amount we have stated herein.

Source: Nyscinfo

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